The ENTIRE Wyoming Series by Lindsay McKenna now available in audio!

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Narrator: Anthony Haden Salerno

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Audio Excerpt from The Loner


Now in audio!  Free first chapter.  THE LONER, HQN, June 25, 2013, Wyoming Series
Now in audio! Free first chapter. THE LONER, HQN, June 25, 2013, Wyoming Series












For those who like my cowboy series with Harlequin HQN, good news!  The first eight books of the series are now available!  The 2015 releases, titles yet to be determined, will also join the original group as audio books 9, 10 and 11.  More on this later!

These books have an order and has notated each book in the series and the order that it should be listened to.

SHADOWS FROM THE PAST, HQN, The Wyoming Series, Kamaria Trayhern and Wes   Sheridan.  End of Morgan and Laura Trayhern children’s books. Now, on to Alyssa and Noah Trayhern’s children’s stories. Morgan’s Mercenaries. Book #1.  December, 2009
DEADLY IDENTITY, HQN, The Wyoming Series, Deputy Sheriff Cade Garner and Rachel Carson’s story.  Book #2.  December 2010.
DEADLY SILENCE, HQN, The Wyoming Series.  Casey Cantrell’s story. Morgan’s Mercenaries Saga. (Casey is a twin, youngest of the Alyssa and Clay Cantrell family).  Casey Cantrell and Matt Sinclaire story.  Book #3.  July, 2011.
THE LAST COWBOY, HQN, The Wyoming Series. Slade McPherson and Jordana Lawton story. Book #4. December, 2011.
THE WRANGLER, HQN, The Wyoming Series. Griff McPherson and Valerie Hunter story.  (Slade and Griff are fraternal twins). Book #5.  July, 2012.
THE DEFENDER, HQN, The Wyoming Series. Katie Bergstrom and Joe Gannon story. Book #6. November 2012.
THE LONER, HQN,The Wyoming Series, Dakota Carson and Shelby Kincaid story. Book #7, August 2013.
HIGH COUNTRY REBEL, HQN,The Wyoming Series, Talon Holt and Cat Edwin Story. Book #8, September 2013.
WOLF HAVEN, HQN,The Wyoming Series.  Grayson McCoy and Sky Pascal story.  Book #9.  December, 2014.
WRANGLER’S SECRET, (working title) Jackson Hole, Wyoming, HQN,  Gil Hanford and Kai Tiernan story.  Book #10,  September, 2015.

COMING HOME (working title), Jackson Hole, Wyoming, HQN, Dev Blake and Sloan Rankin story. Book #11.  December, 2015.

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Wyoming Series by Lindsay McKenna in audio!
Wyoming Series by Lindsay McKenna in audio!













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