Lindsay McKenna RELASE OF FIVE EBOOKS January 2014!

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Harlequin is going to be releasing my earliest 30 books into ebooks in 2014. I intend to put out a blog month-by-month  as they roll out.  And here are the five new covers for them.  More information will become available at as the publishing eBook dates approach.  Or you can always go to my website for a lot more info at:

The importance of these books is that for the first time, Lindsay’s original two series, which were not packaged as such because the publishing industry didn’t realize an author could write three books in a row that were connected with one another, will be packaged as a series. That includes the first one, Travis Trilogy; later, The Kincaid Trilogy.

JANUARY 2014 Ebooks by me will become available on  January 15, 2014:

Captive of Fate — first romantic military suspense book written for the industry

Chase the Clouds

Come Gentle the Dawn

Heart of the Tiger

Love Me Before Dawn



First military romance written for Romance Industry

Lindsay McKenna created the sub-genre of military romance by writing this novel.
Lindsay McKenna created the sub-genre of military romance by writing this novel.


Alanna went to Costa Rica to meet Colonel Matt Breckenridge with all the wrong motives. She had been sent to expose him, but in the end she exposed only her own heart, her own vulnerability where he was concerned.

She fell in love with the arrogant colonel, though she had no hope that a man of war could understand the softer emotions. Even so, she dared to dream of a lifetime in his arms, and dreams of love have a way of coming true.


Chase the Clouds ebook Jan 2014

Chase the Clouds by Lindsay McKenna brings in her experience and knowledge of horses.

Sam Reese always got his way. When time came to collect on a debt, he didn’t care whose toes were stepped on. He might be as stubborn as one of his own untested stallions, but he knew the value of a man’s promise.

One glance at Dany Daguerre told Sam she had no intention of honoring her ex-husband’s contract. Especially if it involved riding a spitfire horse in a proper competition. Yet Sam offered her the chance to save her ranch—if she’d share his impetuous dream of winning. A dream Sam unexpectedly found included a faithful promise of love.…


Come Gentle the Dawn ebook Jan 2014
Come Gentle the Dawn by Lindsay McKenna incorporates some of her experiences as a volunteer fire fighter.


Though weary and frightened, hazardous-materials technician Brie Williams could still spot danger, and her rugged new partner seemed to be it. Did Linc Tanner’s macho facade hide chilling threats…or enough warmth to heat her senses to a fever pitch? If only she could trust him…


Brie Williams was Tanner’s toughest assignment. Without blowing his cover, he had to expose the shady dealings that had killed her former partner. Brie’s aura of aching vulnerability made him want to bare his very soul to her, but he had to keep silent. If he conquered the darkness surrounding her, only then would their love shine like a glorious dawn.


Heart of the Tiger ebook cover Jan 2014
Heart of the Tiger by Lindsay McKenna is about intrigue in the South China Sea and incorporates her experience and knowledge of Hong Kong and the surrounding areas.


Language expert Layne Hamilton had vowed never to have anything to do with the CIA again. Not when “the Company” had taken so much from her.

But unlikely Company man Matt Talbot was very persuasive, arguing Layne was the only one who could help them. And if she didn’t, people would die. But the mission held its own dangers, and tested the limits of Layne’s courage, faith, passion and ultimately…her belief in the power of love.

Love Me Before Dawn ebook Jan 2014
Love Me Before Dawn by Lindsay McKenna incorporates her experience as a civilian pilot as well as seven days of research at Edwards Air Force Base. She also flew in a “chase” plane during a test flight over this desert base. She interviewed test pilots as well as pilots going to Test Pilot School at this base, for this book.

Tess Hamilton met Shep Ramsey under purely social circumstances, but it was a matter of national security that provided the real basis for their relationship. Tess was working on a prototype airplane, and Shep was the man chosen to test its wings. For months her work on the plane had obsessed her, but now Shep had entered her heart and she was facing one frightening fact: If there were even one mistake in the plane, the man she loved would forfeit his life.