SHADOW WARRIORS series is coming!!

Shadow Warriors series is coming soon!  Lindsay McKenna has created a romantic military suspense series that is visceral, gritty and powerful.  Books start in September 2013
Shadow Warriors series is coming soon! Lindsay McKenna has created a romantic military suspense series that is visceral, gritty and powerful. Books start in September 2013

SHADOW WARRIORS series video trailer is here!! I’ve asked Circle of Seven, Productions, to create an over arching video for the series. If you enjoy it, share. My first Shadow Warrior book is DANGER CLOSE, HQN, SEPT 2013 and will be a FREE e-book given away by Harlequin. As the time draws closer I’ll give you details where you can pick up your free copy. And also, how long it’s going to be given away. The next book, DOWN RANGE, HQN, DEC 2013, has been optioned by a Hollywood screenwriter and she’s working on the final movie script right now. This is going to be a powerful, intense, gritty and visceral military romantic suspense series in HQN and HRS. Let me know what you think.

Shadow Warriors is a black ops term, one used by US Navy SEALs, Army Special Forces, Army Delta Force, Rangers, Air Force Combat Controllers, because it is about being in the shadows quietly doing their work to protect all of us.

I’ve written about women in direct combat in BEYOND VALOR, Harlequin Romantic Suspense, February, 2013. And was it any surprise when Leon Panetta, Secretary of Defense, in late January of 2013, threw open all the combat careers to women in the service? Not me! I’ve been writing about my heroines who are in constant combat in Apache helicopters in the Black Jaguar Squadron! And before that, Morgan’s Mercenaries. My readers aren’t surprised at all. I’ve always been a visionary, writing about women pilots flying Army Apache helicopters long before any of them were ever allowed to do so. Today, it’s a reality. I wrote about women in combat and now, that’s a reality too. My next vision is women in the black ops community, working right along side the men and doing as good a job as they are doing. It will happen. You heard it here first. My books pave the way for things to come.

I walk away with the knowledge that my women (and male) readers are NOT going to shy away from my coming stories in Harlequin HQN and Harlequin Romantic Suspense (HRS) that are about military women who are on the ground, fighting alongside their male counterparts. The US military has had ten years of watching women in combat (unofficially) in Iraq and Afghanistan. A hundred and fifty women have died in combat over there. Panetta would not have thrown out the law about barring women in combat if they hadn’t done a good job. And so, I’ve been lucky in the timing on BEYOND VALOR coming out just as this announcement came down the line. And it does show a woman in combat with all the reality of what it’s really like, the stresses, the tests and challenges coming from the enemy as well as those inside her own Marine company who don’t think she can do the job a man can when the chips are down. Read the book and let me know what you think.

With BEYOND VALOR paving the way for Shadow Warriors series, it also is standing at an important fulcrum point with Panetta’s announcement. He said the black ops branches (SEALs, Special Forces, Delta Force) had ninety day to tell him why women shouldn’t be in their ranks as well. I can tell you right now they ALL, in one voice, will say women can’t do the job, if for no other reason, the weight bearing loads they must carry (usually 65 pounds but can run up to 120 pounds upon occasion).

Shadow Warriors is about this section of the mandate by the Defense Department (synchronistically). My new series deals with military women being part of this operation created out of the Pentagon. Forty women volunteers undergo rigorous training at Marine Corps base Camp Pendleton and then are assigned to one of the black ops group. Each will have a story to tell.

The hallmark of Shadow Warriors, as I’ve already told readers who are on my Facebook page,, is I’m taking my gloves off on my writing. I’ve often pulled a punch in my military romance books, thinking my readers couldn’t take it, but I want to stretch my wings as a writer and create at full capacity. These books are going to be visceral, hard hitting, gritty, realistic, highly sensual, hot love scenes, action, suspense and romance as you’ve never seen me write before. So buckle up, put your helmet on, your Kevlar vest and get ready, as the SEALs say to, “Rock it out!”


 September: Free Ebook: DANGER CLOSE (and leads into Shadow Warrior series of books in Harlequin HQN/Harlequin Romantic Suspense.  This is book #1 of the Shadow Warriors series. NOTE: Characters from this book have a daughter, Morgan Boland, who is the heroine in DOWN RANGE.

December: DOWN RANGE (Harlequin HQN), Book #2 Shadow Warriors series, Dec 2013

2014 Shadow Warrior Series books:

February: RISK TAKER (Harlequin Romantic Suspense) book 1 of sequel Warrior Soul
March: WARRIOR SOUL (working title) (Harlequin Romantic Suspense) sequel
May: DANGEROUS EDGE (Harlequin HQN) book 1 of sequel Never Surrender
July: NEVER SURRENDER (Harlequin HQN) sequel, book 2
…And more to come! Stay tuned to for more information on this dynamic new series.