Bleeding Heart: Stage 1 Proving

Copyright Eileen Nauman 1997

PROVER: PI–female:

Field proving, April 27, Meditation Garden, La Casa De Madre Tierra.
3:30pm, breezy, warm, beautiful, bird & river song, exquisite conditions.
Not on any homeopathic or drugs.

Synchronistic event: A tree had been dug up at our campsite that day, so we returned to find a hole near our tent. Unknown to us a new tree was going in the hole in a few days.

Hering’s Law – nothing noted.

I had a clairvoyant dream about an accident involving a bridge Sunday morning, and on this day, April 27, it happened, and we came across it shortly after on our way home. It seemed to represent an emotional disaster in the past, in which I felt qualities in my heart were destroyed. In the same dream an entity said to a male figure on my right (my inner male?) ìYouíre split!î The male then did a dance/martial arts display of his maleness, and how he missed his female. I now see/understand this as the male energy split off from myself, or outside of myself. When I told this dream to Eileen she knew what plant I needed. She understood that I had not integrated disappointments of the heart. When she told me that I was to go do the Bleeding Heart, I received a heart opening right then. I was also assisted in doing this essence proving (my first on my own) by a male student, Michael. There were two other women working on the same plant at the same time. I felt there was something similar in both of them, of this split, a lack of integration of male and female selves.

Emotions: I would say this essence has helped me feel emotionally stronger, less helpless, more like how I felt at 19yr. old.

Mental: Have not identified any mental thought pattern change yet.

Physical: Head area & chest relaxed, felt warmth in second chakra, front and back. Then the center of the chest itched, as if I had been bitten by an insect. There was a sensation as if a hand was massaging the heart center. There was a generalized gradual release of inner tensions, sensation of gas moving in intestines, then being passed.

Spiritual: My well-being is very much enriched from having met & interacted with this plant. I feel that the essence did some energy release, and integrated the male self within the heart center again. I felt like a little reconstruction had happened. I also wanted to thank our male assistant, it felt very necessary and symbolic, so I presented him with a thank you gift.
‘Bottom-line’ Grace. Heart healer. Sexual integration. Sexual healing.

Sphere of Influence – Emotional.

Secondary – Physical.

Breathing, Chest, Dreams, Emotions, Heart, Sexuality.

Bleeding Heart (BH)- Chest – relax
BH – Breath – relax
BH – Dreams – Integration,
BH – Emotions – Release
BH – Heart – healing
BH – Sexuality – Heals

I actually re-named this plant “Happy Pockets”. Because the plant looks like two little purses or pockets joined together with a handle (penis). The humor is that now my two halves feel joined, not split, by the integra-tion of my male energy. I am also expecting more prosperity, which I feel is linked to this plant, personally. Without a strong male energy working, I have not been able to prosper as I’d like to.

Patterns of Imbalance – Blocks to the heart chakra and second chakra, problems of integration of male energy in the female, emotional stuckness, emotional woundedness, closed heart chakra in the back, breathing problems, tension due to bound up emotions.

Positive healing pattern – Connection to the center.

The first experience connected to coming close to this plant was a DEJA-VU, as Eileen signaled to Mike to bring us on in to the Meditation Garden. I felt a sacred welcome, a sense of quiet safety, and a blessing in Eileen’s presence introducing us to this plant, where we were out of the wind and had actual chairs to sit on!

For BLEEDING HEART, I would like to add the message received that the heart is both male and female, expands and contracts, gives and receives. Also that the fortune cookie I got that same night in the Chinese restaurant said “A Merry Heart Doeth Good, Like a Medicine”.