TOUGH ENOUGH, HQN, reprint of Lindsay’s book, THE COUGAR











Lindsay McKenna readers!!  Important announcement 🙂  If you have followed THE COUGAR, part of the 3-book Cowboys of the Southwest series, then you might want to pass on this.  However, if you haven’t read it, here’s your chance.  It is in reprint in a 3-book HQN April release called TOUGH ENOUGH.  Here’s the details:
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3 novels

This is a retro group of books by wonderful authors.  LTHE COWBOY is by Jane Ann Krentz.  THE COUGAR is by Lindsay McKenna.  And Murder at Last Chance Ranch by B.J. Daniels rounds out this three book reprint.

For Lindsay McKenna readers, if you haven’t read THE COUGAR, it is part of a trilogy, Cowboys of the Southwest.

Back of the Book
In these timeless romances from bestselling authors Jayne Ann Krentz, Lindsay McKenna and B.J. Daniels, three women will discover that the West has never been so wild…

The Cowboy

After their disastrous parting, Margaret Lark thought she was through with Rafe Cassidy. So when he shows up on her doorstep a year later with a shocking proposal, Margaret has no choice but to put her heart on the line again—even if it means winning back the cowboy who stole it in the first place.

The Cougar

Jim Cunningham’s Arizona ranching family has been feuding with Rachel Donovan’s for over a century—but forbidden fruit always tastes the sweetest to this handsome cowboy. Jim wants desperately to mend the rift between the families—and to find out if Rachel is the woman he has always wanted.

Murder at Last Chance Ranch

Teddi MacLane’s no-account, soon-to-be-ex-husband has just turned up dead—in Teddi’s house, just days after she threatened to kill him. Now Teddi needs the help of her high school sweetheart, Sheriff Jake Rawlins, to clear her name…and to mend her heart.