Today is INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY!  I can remember in the 1960’s when women stood up on their hind legs and started reclaiming their power from a society that always saw them as ‘less than’ and ‘weaker’ and ‘second class citizens.’  I remember the harassment I always got when in the US Navy, because I was a woman.  Every woman on this earth still gets harassed more or less.  It’s still that way today in our world.  We’ve come part of the way, but have a long way to go for our daughters and granddaughters. When a man can still call a woman a ‘slut’ this past week, it tells you about the dark seam and underbelly of misogynists (men who hate/disrespect women) is still alive and well in the USA.  We have to continue to show the world we’re 50% of the answers to all the problems this globe has.  When you ignore the female part of the population, you loose 50% of the good ideas, creativity and answers that could have been put into place.   Suppression of women leads to the Earth as we see it today: out of balance.   Some are learning this; but it’s a constant, uphill battle to insist women should be valued equally on all levels.   Our body is our own; it’s not owned by any man, government, society, religion or political party.  And so, I salute all of you ladies in the trenches who are still working to be regarded and respected as EQUALS in this world of ours.  Let’s celebrate women’s strength, abilities, knowledge and skills, thank those who took the brunt of our starting to reclaim our rightful equality, and know we’ve got to stand vigilant, work as a team and continue to come into our own.  The world will start to stabilize as women take their rightful, equal place in this world.  Let’s celebrate the men who know this, support us and treat us as equals, too!  After all, if we don’t work together, this place isn’t going to survive.  It’s a world for all humans, regardless of gender, all deserve respect and equality.  THAT is worthy of working toward and for.  One for all…and all for one!  Team Earth is the only way we should train our focus, our heart and spirit.  Rock on!   I can’t put photos on this, but on my Facebook page, I’ve added the following photo to go with my thoughts


This photo is of a DOUBLE daffodil… the cream and orange petals symbolic of males and females.  Yet, equally symbolic in this flower is they are there, getting along, working together in this one bloom….and look how perfect and beautiful it is :-).  Let’s create a healthy world for all.