Review by Lindsay McKenna, US Navy veteran, February 27, 2012











ACT OF VALOR is an authentic film about active duty US Navy SEALS.  The movie had a powerful impact on me for many reasons.  First, there is a human story that underpins the entire movie.  And it will hold you in its grip and profoundly move you by the end of it.  This film will appeal to the women, especially, who don’t like shoot ‘em up bang-bang kinds of flicks.

There is heart and soul woven into this story, so don’t be put off that it’s just another ‘action movie,’ because it’s much more than that.   Secondly, active duty SEALS star in this movie.  Mike McCoy and Scott Waugh of Relativity Media, took two years to film ACT OF VALOR and received the cooperation of the US Navy.  Further, the SEALS refused to ‘dress up’ or do anything other than what real SEALS are trained to do for this movie.  Everything you see in it is authentic drama, is present day and how SEALS quietly go about their business of being the incredibly heroic men they are.

Even more upsetting,  is that the story line of the movie that came from real mission ops performed by the SEALS.  If anyone is against closing our border with Mexico, you won’t feel the same after seeing this movie.  On another playing field, it also shows the diversity and global backyard the SEALS work and survive within, to keep the USA safe.

Those readers who love military books or SEAL stories, should see this movie.  It’s eye opening, hauntingly emotional and shows SEALS not only in action, but their brotherhood, humanity toward their own and others.  These are REAL warriors; they’re professionals and there is no question, they are the best of the best.  The movie goer gets to see authentic action.  It’s far more heart/pulse pounding than any movie star or any other action flick you may have seen in the past.  This film is the raw,  unadorned real deal torn from the pages of today.  Be prepared for tears.  Bring some Kleenex along. You’ll need it.

I hope ANOTHER authentic SEAL movie is developed and produced by these two men.  They did a great job.  They listened to the SEALS and the action sequences will have your breath knocked out of you.  It is THAT powerful.  But so are the underlying emotions that will capture you from the beginning.   Emotionally connected with the men, you’re on a roller coaster ride with these bonafied SEAL heroes.  You’ll be with them every step of the way as they work to stop terrorism of the worst sort and in the end, protect our country.

And even if you aren’t drawn to a movie like this, generally speaking, go see it, anyway.  You need to be educated about the men who are putting their lives on the line for us EVERY DAY so that we continue to enjoy the freedom we have in this country.

If you are moved by this movie, by these men and the families they love, then donate and help,  The Navy Seal Foundation supports SEALS, their families and provides scholarships for fallen SEALS’ children.   A worthy charity.