How To Ground by Eileen Nauman

by Eileen Nauman

Copyright 1997 Eileen Nauman
All Rights Reserved





GROUNDING TECHNIQUE #1:  Getting your Astral Body to remain in your physical body.

If you want to ‘run’ energy, be able to get a 100% of the energy support that is available to you by the Cosmos, physically manifest what you want on this Earth, you need to be grounded.  If you aren’t, then you’ll get spacy, vacuous, ungrounded and floating-like sensations, be unable to focus, be undisciplined, disorganized, unable to concentrate or perform menial 3rd dimensional tasks like driving, flying, cutting up an onion (without slicing your finger open with the paring knife) sort of things.  The importance of GROUNDING cannot be over stated.

If your astral body (your emotional body) which is supposed to fit perfectly inside your physical body, begins to unlock from your physical feet and float up and out of your crown chakra (top of your head), you aren’t going to get the support or be able to manifest what you want.  You can have all the aphorisms in the world but if you aren’t “locked in” to your physical body, nothing is going to happen in your life.

You MUST be in your body to RECEIVE from the Universe.  This is why its so important that the Astra Body be locked into our physical body.  People who are successful, who ground their dreams into this world are, guaranteed, grounded completely.  This way, they can take full advantage of the Cosmos’ offerings of prana and turn hay into money, so to speak.    If you aren’t “home” you are disorganized, undisciplined, can’t finish what you start and don’t have the endurance or tenacity to see anything in your life to completion (and therefore, fruition).  You will not have the maximum of physical energy, either.  You get tired very easily.  You can’t keep up a regimen for any amount of time.  People get low self esteem and take on a victim’s mentality as a result.  And Depression is very high with this group.

People who have suffered shock and trauma, especially early in life, are ‘hanging out’ of their head. The unlocked astral body looks like colorful, half-filled balloon floating around your head.  A clairvoyant can see this and know you are “spacy” as a result of this situation.  The reason WHY the Astral Body wants to escape is because it is our mother board for all our emotions and feelings.  When a person has been deeply wounded/traumatized, the Astral Body will, when under attack, escape out of the top of our head (where the Crown Chakra is located).

When under threat or attack, the Astral Body will unlock and escape.  It’s that simple. What happens when this occurs?  We feel DISCONNECTED from the threat, violence or trauma.  There are no emotions or far fewer of them if the Astral Body has unlocked.   Many people report “floating” above the violence being done to them, dispassionately watching it, with no emotions attached.  It’s like watching a color movie but there’s no emotional connection with what is happening to this person during the violence/shock/trauma they are experiencing.

The Astral body has learned to ‘escape’ instead of remaining in the body to feel the powerful emotions that come with violence/trauma/PTSD/pain that is being experienced by the person.  To remain unlocked can occur from one event, or from a series of events.  Any person who grew up in an abusive or very dysfunctional childhood will feel so threatened off and on (or all the time, depending upon the situation) that the Astral Body continues to unlock and escape so as not to feel the continued emotional pain.  If it is unlocked, you don’t feel the pain, either….or a lot less of it.

This is WHY it happens.  And while many will think that not feeling one’s full array of emotions is a good thing, it’s not.  You chose this life and everything that  goes with it to learn from.  When your Astral body escapes, you are short-cutting and NOT learning.  It’s a standoff and the person and their soul does not grow, be educated or work through Life’s many ups and downs.  Further, if one is disconnected from the PTSD/trauma/violence/shock done to them, they aren’t actively or consciously working through it.  When this occurs, it’s like a toxic poison that is brewing in our unconscious.  Sooner or later, if the Astral body does not come back and lock in fully every day, this toxic emotional scrapheap is going to turn into DISEASE.

All this can be prevented IF your Astral body is retrained to remain fully in your body during your waking hours.  This is why we say people are “cut off at the neck.”  It means the person lives their life in their head and mental realm, but due to the Astral body being unlocked, they are unable to connect with or access their brilliant array of positive and negative emotions.  Once locked back in and retrained, you can work through your woundings rather quickly and get on with the good cosmic gravy that comes as reward for doing this, afterward.  It will also free you to be all of who you are.  When we suppress/repress our toxic emotions that have caused us excruciating pain into the depths of our Unconscious, they are DISEASE just waiting to happen.  Remember, you can AVOID this by engaging I this technique and retraining your Astral body to remain all the time in your physical body.

There are many, many ways to ‘ground’ yourself.  I’ll share my technique.  Others, if you want, please share your technique(s).


It is a given that many, many people ‘hang’ out of their physical body–that is to say that all your energetic bodies are not in sync and ‘locked in’ with one another when you are living in your physical body.  The one that is most likely to be hanging out above your head is the ASTRAL body, or your second body out from your physical body.

The Astral body is our emotional body; our feeling/sensing body.  Our desires/fears/hopes/dreams, etc. body.  The Astral body is our DESIRE body.  What we desire is what we draw to ourselves and manifest–if we are grounded.  People who are ‘ungrounded’ are not ‘locked in’ to their physical body completely and even though they have desire, it cannot be manifested into our third dimensional world.  Most astral bodies I’ve seen hang any where between 1-2 feet out, above the head–it sort of looks like a balloon (only in your visage) floating and bobbing along out of the top of your head area.

I usually see one’s ‘astral feet’ (which are in the shape of our physical feet) sticking out at a person’s knee cap area, or just below the knees.  Or sometimes, they are sicking out of a person’s abdomen, chest, or neck, in severe cases.  When this situation occurs, you are ‘ungrounded’ or what I term, ‘out of body’.  This is NOT ideal for ‘running energy’ of an outside form (like Cosmic/Mother earth energies).  And we need this pranic energy to live down here, not just survive.  Being grounded, you can thrive and have the maximum amount of prana you need to get things done, feel vital, have energy and manifest your dreams and desires.


The reason I’ve seen that many, many people are in this state is because its simply too painful for them to be completely “in” their physical body because of the emotions they don’t want to come into contact with or feel (usually anger, fear, anxiety, etc).  I would strongly advise that you do NOT ‘run energy’ if you are in this state of being.  I’ll share with you how to ‘lock’ your astral body into your physical body so you’re grounded–so you can ‘run energies’ if you want to.


If you experience any of the above symptoms or sensations, then you are partially out of your body.  To bring your astral body back into sync with your physical body, here is what you do:

1.  Find a quiet room where you will be uninterrupted for at least 15-20 minutes.  Take the phone off the hook.  Put up a DO NOT DISTURB SIGN.  Take your shoes off, lie down, and get comfortable on your back.  If you have back problems, then do not lie flat; usually bending your knees, feet flat on the floor, will help with this condition.  Or, if you have an injury that prevents you from lying down, then just sit comfortably somewhere that helps you relax.

2.  Close your eyes.  Do not have your hands or legs or ankles ‘crossed’.  If sitting, put feet flat against the floor.  Take a deep breath into your nostrils and down into abdomen.  Release the breath slowly through your mouth.  Do this three times in a row.

3.  Visualize yourself where you are lying down or sitting.  If you can’t then imagine it the best you can–don’t struggle with this part of it.

4.  See or perceive your astral body (which is very rainbow-colorful) hanging about 1-2 feet above your head.  You will see your astral body head, neck, shoulders and arms.

5.  Move your astral body slowly up and out of the top of your head until your astral ‘feet’ are hovering about six inches above your physical head.

6.  Then, slowly will the astral body back into your physical body.  You will see the feet slide down through the opening in the top of your head and the rest of the body will move with it.

7.  Continue to visualize the astral feet traveling downward past your chest, your waist, your hips, down through your thighs, past your knees, into your calves until finally, the astral feet LOCK into place with your physical feet.  Imagine a ‘locking in’ or “docking” kind of sensation where there are invisible latches on the astral feet wrapping around and strapping in to your physical feet.

8.  As your astral feet lock in to your physical feet, the rest of your astral body is already locking into place with your hands, arms, fingers and rest of your body.

9.  At the top of your head, imagine that there is a circular ‘lid’ that is open and has allowed your astral body to slip back in fully and completely to your physical body.  See this ‘lid’ slowly shut and close tightly and securely over the top of your head.

10.  You may now open your eyes and adjust to the ‘here and now.’  You may feel a bit different; perhaps a little heavier or weighted.  But that is a good sign that your astral body is completely in alignment with your physical form.  Give yourself a few minutes to adjust to this new sensation.  When you feel ready, get to your feet, or stand up.  Take your time; it may feel very different at first.  Give your physical and astral body a chance to adjust.


My mother, who was a real ‘space cadet’ was always hanging out of her physical body.  When she first tried this technique (and it worked), her Astral body would ‘pop’ out (her astral would pop up and escape through her crown chakra at the top of her head) after being put back ‘in’ the physical body for a few hours.  I told her that every time it happened, to stop, and go do the visualization to bring her astral body back into her physical form.

At first, my mother was doing this exercise 4-5 times a day.  Over time, about a month, the Astral Body stopped escaping and this situation occurred less and less.  Until finally, she performed the visualization  once every couple weeks.  When you do this exercise you are stimulating the neural pathways of the central nervous system because our chakra system is tied into the endocrine glands and our central nervous system, too.  She got so she’d feel the Astral Body unlock and escape.  When the two are in synch, you’ll feel a ‘heaviness’ to your body you didn’t before.  This is a sign/sensation that the two are locked in.  When you suddenly feel lighter and that heaviness goes away–your Astral Body has unlocked and escaped more or less via your Crown Chakra once more.  When you feel this occur, as soon as you can, find a quiet, uninterrupted spot to visualize and bring the Astral Body back into yourself.

Here are some of the reasons why you want your Astral Body back in your physical body:  As you ‘refresh’ the memory of the neural pathways of the body’s memory/mind, then the astral body is being ‘re-trained’ to do something different than what it’s used to doing.  An Astral body, like a dog, can be trained and re-trained.  We train it by discipline.  By doing the same technique visualization exercise when needed over and over again.  For some people, they may only have to do this exercise once a week; others, more often.  It just depends.   The more your Astral Body is hanging out of your physical body, the longer you must practice this technique.

The good news is that an errant astral body can be brought back into harmony with you.  It just takes a little practice, a little time and patience with yourself.  If it doesn’t work at first; don’t give up.  Just do it three times a day, day in and day out–pretty soon, the rebellious astral body will get the message–sometimes, you just have to out-endure it.  And you can and will.  MOST people, generally speaking, it takes a month to retrain one’s Astral Body to stay fully and constantly in one’s physical body.

Once you are grounded back into your body……


Ideally, the first two weeks, you do this visualization technique three  times a day–once before you get out of bed in the morning, then at noon and a third time when you’re in bed and before you go to sleep.  You do this for two weeks.  Then, you switch to doing it twice a day:  morning and night for another two weeks.  Generally speaking, the astral body is ‘retrained’ to stay in your physical body after this month while you’re awake by that time.  Any questions or whatever, email me.


For those who are ‘in their body’ fully and completely (you’ll know because you have a sense of solidity or solidness to yourself; you feel your body, your movement, your breath, your emotions (all of ’em) and you are able to concentrate, focus, complete projects, remember things you were going to do, not stumble, trip, drop things, bump into things (being a klutz) or bumble around.   There is a sharp mental clarity to your mental processes.  No longer will you be forgetful.  There is a connection with all your emotions and how you are feeling moment to moment.  This is the sense of being ‘grounded’ or ‘in your body.’  Your six senses are more ‘on-line.’  That means you’ll see colors more intensely (and true to life than before).  You’ll taste your food more acutely and be aware of the multi level of flavors.  Your hearing will improve.  Many who have “TINNITIS” or ringing in the ears is actually a symptom of an unlocked Astral Body.  Your intuition will amp up enormously.  You’ll remember your dreams.  Every sense becomes intensified and this is good.  You will also have a lot more energy.  You’ll be productive, disciplined, organized.  You’ll finish what you start.  You’ll have the endurance and focus to do whatever you want.  Your DESIRE will amp up and you’ll be fully, 100% engaged in life and all its facets.