ALEMBIC: Apple App JOURNAL is wonderful!

Dear Astrologers


Do you like to journal?  I love to journal!  Being a Gemini, words and impressions are important to me not only as a writer, but medical astrologer, as well.  And I’ve been waiting for a long time for an Apple App that gives me not only the power to journal, but so much more.  I’ve got some super exciting news to share with you :-)))  My good friend, Tom Sidebottom, has just introduced the most exciting journal you’ll ever see.  It is an Apple app and it’s for iPod touch, Ipad and IPhone.  I was lucky enough to see it in action in June, when I visited Tom in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  I was blown away by it.  And very, very excited because I’ve been wishing for a computerized journal for a long time.  ALEMBIC is the name of the journal app.

Apple App journal

Tom has thoughtfully put it together on levels of journaling.  And he’s also delving into ourselves from how we feel, our energy and our emotions on the day we’re journaling.  Best of all, and this is a knock out in my opinion, his journal can not only take photographs…but video!  Can you imagine what this means?  I sure do!  I love to journal when quiet.  Or when I’m hiking.  And if I see a flower I want to photograph, or videoing a fast moving monsoon storm across our canyon, I can do that too.  And my photographs and video become a part of that day and my experiences. From an astrology standpoint, I have Tom’s PLANETLAB app and I can erect a chart in it and IMPORT it into my ALEMBIC journal!  I can use this as just more than a journal.  It’s so handy for notes of any kind and in any area of your life where you want those notes/photos or videos.   I just LOVE Alembic.


To check it out, go to Tom’s website at:  And if you’re enthused like I am, and you see the potential of his journal (I’m using it to record my flower essence making session,drinking the water and recording the sensations I receive from it), you can use this beautifully designed platform for just about anything you want.  It’s is multi-functional, diverse, has lots of choices and options.  Being a Gemini, Alembic is the journal that is leading the way in Apple apps.  No one has put together something so cool, functional and creative.  To buy it, go to: