Dear Friends

I had to move my medical astrology blog off google and to a new server.  Why? Because Google just changed their contract and says it can take ANYTHING I write and they own it–they can publish it, use it for advertising, ect., and never ask me if I want my blogs utilized in such a way.  I own the copyright. That means I have full control over my own words/blogs.  So, I’ve left Google because of this ridiculous power grab.


Now, I’m on a new server where I have full control over my own words and blogs 🙂


From now on if you want to receive my medical astrology blog or dig into the archives please go to:


If you follwo me on TALES FROM ECHO CANYON and the huge archive, please go to:

I’m sorry I had to inconvenience you, but no one has the right to my words, ideas and information.  I like sharing it freely with all of you in hopes it will help you in some positive way.


Blessings, Eileen