Walking the Land: El Shaddai with Eileen Nauman, Part 2

Walking the Land: El Shaddai with Eileen Nauman, Part 2

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Marchiene and I met up at 9 a.m. We took off for El Shaddai, a volcanic vent that is connected with House Mountain. It is a dormant volcano and the only volcano in the Verde Valley. There are several volcanic vents in Sycamore Canyon, but El Shaddai is the only one outside of the canyon. It sits in a very important spot, geologically and energetically speaking.

DSC_9225 El Shaddai the volcanic vent in Verde Valley en az.jpg
Here is the volcanic vent that Marchiene christened with the name El Shaddai. She (the vent) sits about a mile away from House Mountain (where I live) and at one time, geologically speaking, the lava flowed from House to El Shaddai. Both are dormant. That said, ALL volcanos and volcanic vents are a VORTEX. The bigger the volcano, the bigger the vortext. Same goes for a vent. El Shaddai plays a vital role in the fire of Verde Valley and she’s no weak sister.

Nearby on the trail, east of El Shaddai, are “the singers” as Marchiene has dubbed them. They look like two people. Their profiles look north and south. She felt that it was the son and Grandmother Komwida singing their songs throughout the valley. I felt a huge energy shift as we drew between the vent and the Singers. I decided to stop there and perform ceremony. After giving cornmeal and bringing in the four major directions, Father Sky, Mother Earth and us, I gave the offering to El Shaddai.

Picking up my drum which I had painted with the rainbow snake, Bololokan of Yavapai myth, I grounded, closed my eyes and began to play. I saw Bololokan begin to twist the fire upward from around Grandmother Turtle’s shell (Airport Mesa, Sedona). Up, up, up, she went, twisting the yellow, red and orange flames. They always looked like twisted strands of DNA to me. She brought the fire down and encircled the bottom of El Shaddai and when went around The Singers. Bololokan did this four times and it looked like an EGG shape between the two monoliths. For me, an egg is symbolic of creation.

Then, after securing the fire around the two, Bololokan shot back up in the air with the fire. She dived straight down into El Shaddai’s vent opening! I was surprised by that maneuver and wondered what the rainbow water snake was up to. Seconds later, Bololokan came exploding out of the top of the volcanic vent. Following her was an amazing array of all the colors of the rainbow continuously spouting and erupting out of El Shaddai. Amazed and dazzled by the clear, sparking colors, they erupted higher and higher, their colors spreading out in all directions until the entire Verde Valley up to Flagstaff and back, was covered.

DSC_9228 marchiene standing with guardian cedar tree on trail to El Shaddai en az.jpg
Here is Marchiene standing with an very old Grandmother Cedar who is one of the gate guardians into El Shaddai’s sacred space.

I asked Bololokan what this was. She explained that all volcanos and vents are ways for her to bring the rainbow energy (invisible to everyone but clairvoyants) into them. The energy and color they release is all part of balance and harmony in that given area. A volcano can be dormant, she explained. It doesn’t have to be active to be useful and working in the other dimensions. She said that since it had been nearly seven hundred years since the last group of humans had come to work with the guardians and spirits of this area, the vent then, over time, became plugged with etheric debris. If humans do not connect and work with the guardians and spirits of their area, things get clogged up. They don’t work right or well. Further, the snake told me, it REQUIRES a human to team up with the spirit or guardian of a place to open it up, clean it out and keep it ‘on line’ or working correctly. It used to be like this, she said, but now, most humans have fallen aside and no longer connect or work with nature.

I saw Grandmother Komwida arrive, her white deerskin dress around her feet and surrounding the entire area. She lifted her abalone shell skyward, singing and inviting the spirits of the four directions to come and bless this area. The thick white smoke of the Sage was like watching clouds dancing far above us. This was truly a time of celebration.

DSC_9229 the singers face north and south en az.jpg
Here is one of the two ‘singers.’ One faces north (earth) and the other, south (fire).

Then, the Black Dragon from Vultee arch flew in. She was the last being I expected to show up! Dragons don’t like humans because humans killed them all off. Their soul memory is strong, so they really don’t like working with humans at all. Knowing this, I wondered what she had to say. When she flew in and landed, she waited until I acknowledged her. The Black Dragon said that the earthquake was needed and necessary to relieve the pressure and build up of energy that had been accumulating for a long, long time. I asked her if there was going to be any more earthquakes in our area. She said no. Then, she said, “I have talked with my brothers and sisters from around the world and they will be moving shortly.”

Alarmed, I mentally asked, “Move as in when they move there will be earthquakes?”

The Black Dragon gave me a serious look and nodded her scaly head. “Yes, and they will not be small movements like mine was,” she said.

I stared at her for a long moment. Then I asked, “When is this going to happen?”
“What does ‘shortly’” mean?” I pressed.
I guess if a dragon could smile, she smiled at me. I got the sense from her I was like a recalcitrant child who was precocious and shouldn’t really be pressing the point. She said, “Shortly.”
That went well, I thought. I thanked her for coming.
“Thank you for what you two are doing. It helps all of us,” the Black Dragon said. She unfurled her huge wings, flapped two times and was airborne. I watched her flap back to the Vultee Arch area where she disappeared.

I did a quick sketch of what I saw and used my colored pencils. Then, I contacted Bololokan. She came and looked at me with curiosity.
“Can you shield our valley from the radiation that’s coming our way from Japan?” I asked her.

Her eyes gleamed. “I can because, first, you asked. If you don’t ask for help from us, we cannot render it. Secondly, and more importantly, you and Marchiene have been doing faithful, constant, loyal work to all of us. And when you work for the good of all,” the snake explained, looking around, “no matter if you can see us or not, you are allowed to ask for a boon. If we can give it, we will. Sometimes, we can’t, but I can fulfill your request. Watch!”

Bololokan leaped into the air, her multi-colored, scaly body shining and bright in the blue sky. She skimmed Mingus mountain and as she did, from her tail the color purple came. I watched as she raced around the limits of the valley, north, south, east and west. When she whizzed by Mingus Mountain again, this time the color emitted from her tail was another color. I watched, amazed as she built what looked like to me, a bee hive! Each ring of color was one of the rainbow’s color. It was dazzling and beautiful. This bee hive of colored strata arose and grew smaller and smaller at the top. Finally, at the top, Bololokan closed it. Verde Valley is now swathed in a bee hive of rainbow colors.

Bololokan came back to me, looking pleased indeed. I asked her if it would stop the radiation from falling in our valley. She said yes, the radiation would be absorbed by the colors protecting us. I thanked her and told her how beautiful it look. She laughed and blipped out of sight.

El Shaddai sketch EN.jpg
Here is a sketch I drew of what I saw, psychically speaking. Bololokan encircled the Singers and El Shaddai as a working unit of energy for the area.

We then went to lunch a the Golden Goose restaurant (Super 8 motel) in Sedona. If you want a QUIET place to eat (and we always do….noise pollution rakes our sensitive ears over the coals), this is it. Plus, excellent food and service. We’ll be back.

Next stop: House Mountain, the only volcano in the Verde Valley

NOTE: When the earthquake and tsanumi hit Japan and radiation started leaking from those reactors, I went into meditation. I called Bololokan to me and I asked her if we of the Verde Valley, could be granted protection from such radiation. In my understanding of asking for a grant of protection, it has to be EARNED. It’s not given just because we might desire it. There is a thing called GRACE. This is something that you do for others, the land, the planet from your heart without thought of reward. Everyone accrues Grace throughout the thousands upon thousands of incarnations that they have. And sometimes, when the Mother Goddess feels it can be awarded to an individual, group of people, a place, a region, a country, a planet, she will allow the energy of Grace to manifest in a way that protects.

On that day, I asked Bololokan for Grace/protection from radiation for the entire Verde Valley. I know from past experience that if you are actively working with the guardians, spirit beings and energy lines of your area, that this puts one in good stead to have the request considered. It doesn’t automatically mean Grace is given. Powers higher than us decide that. And Bololokan, being a planetary spiritual being, had the capacity to see if, indeed, we deserved that Grace/protection. The Rainbow Snake said yes, the Grace could be granted. I thanked her and then watched her go into action. She started from Mingus mountain a the sipapu where we originally started our journey in October of 2010. She raced at dizzying speed through all the areas we had already opened up and she had brought on line, energetically speaking. Then, she whirled around the rest of the valley. With each circle, it changed color. With each pass, each circle was shorter in circumference than the lower one. When she was done, I laughed and told her, “You’ve build a BEEHIVE over the valley!” She smiled and said that it would protect all beings from the radiation that was coming our way. Now and in the future.

beehive protection of Verde Valley by Bololokan en az.jpg
Here is a sketch of what I saw clairvoyantly as Bololokon, the Rainbow water snake, created the “lid” of protection over the entire Verde Valley to keep it free of radiation falling from the skies due to the nuclear melt down in Japan. That “lid” remains permanently in place.

I made a sketch of what I saw of what Bololokan built. I thanked her from my heart and she nodded and said, “Let this be a lesson for all. If you work with us, we will work with you. But if you do not work with us, everything is against you.” I understood what she meant. People live only half a life, really. Unless they are consciously attuned to the REST (50%) of what is going on invisibly around us every second we live here. When you work only with half of anything, it’s not enough. Drought occurs. Floods occurs. Weather rakes areas trying to reset the dynamic and energetic thermostat of each region. Haven’t you wondered why in certain areas, there’s violent weather? How about those four hurricanes a couple of years ago that criss-crossed Florida? The floods in the Midwest? The tornadoes that tear through a given area? Why does it do this? Because humans are not working locally (as Marchiene and I are here in the Verde Valley) with the other unseen 50%. Only, it’s not unseen to us. We’re both clairvoyant and we perceive/see into these invisible but very real and very active guardians, spirits and energy lines.

When violent weather, floods, earthquakes, drought, hurricanes, typhoons, or any other kind of natural calamity occurs, it’s because where it occurs, the area has lost that very necessary human to invisible realms connection. When the connection is re established, the weather settles down and harmony exists once more.

This is why it’s so important that the readers of our ongoing blog on Walking the Land go out where they live and start making those connections. If you do that, you will once more instill harmony in your corner of the world. The more people that do this, the more the over-all weather/natural calamities will slow down and no longer be so violent or destructive.

We live in a very rich, beautiful seen and unseen world, energetically speaking. It’s truly past time to get involved with your area where you live. And, when we do right by the invisible realms, they do right by us. It’s a win-win for everyone.