Eileen Nauman to speak on Medical Astrology 5.6-7, 2011 Tampa, Florida

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Eileen Nauman, medical astrologer. 

May 6, 2011 BANQUET at the Hilton Bayfront, St. Petersburg, Florida
5:30 cocktails, 7pm dinner and speaker


“Pick a Successful Surgery Date”

Astrology Operation Formula by Eileen Nauman

Time: 1.5 hours

Handout: 5

There is a right and wrong time to have an operation.  Eileen will go through her rules for determining the best time to have an operation.  Planetary direction (retrogrades) will be discussed and their effect on the outcome of a surgery.  Void-of-Course moon plays a part in the formula.  The transit of the Moon through all twelve zodiac will be
discussed in order to determine the best time for such an operation.

WORKSHOP Saturday May 7, 2011 10 a.m. To 5 p.m.
EILEEN NAUMAN, at the Hilton Bayfront, St Petersburg, Florida
Topic:  Beginning Medical Astrology

We will use Eileen’s formula, the Med-Scan, to study a natal chart and interpret it medically. Outer planets, hard aspects and meaning of planets as well as the twelve sun signs will be discussed in depth. Participants will be taken on a step-by-step journey
towards understanding which zodiac sign rules each part of the body or body system.  Planets then will be added as an overlay with their anatomical assignments. All of this will be shared in simple, understandable terminology.  Aspects and how they are weighted
will be discussed in detail to figure out the most aspected planet, which sets the stage for the body’s medical assignment.  The outer planets Saturn, Uranus and Neptune – which factor in seventy-five percent of all ailments – will weigh in. Pluto rules the
endocrine system.  Its role in regulating gland function will be discussed.  Audience birth charts may be used if the person does not mind having it discussed in front of the group.  Tools for healing will also be introduced because medical astrology is more than just finding out where dis-ease may occur.  The medical astrologer must be able
to supply direction and help to the client as well.

Eileen Nauman has been a practicing medical astrologer since 1970.  She has written a worldwide bestseller, Medical Astrology in 1980, which is currently in several foreign languages.  She is the author of several books on homeopathy, including Poisons That Heal, Beauty In Bloom: Homeopathy to Support Menopause and HELP! and Homeopathy.   Her web site, www. medicinegarden.com, is devoted to cutting edge alternative medicine such as homeopathy and flower and gem essence provings, plus two large departments on astrology and medical astrology, and much more.

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