Walking the Land: Airport Mesa with Eileen Nauman

Walking The Land: Airport Mesa by Eileen Nauman

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Eileen s bololokan drum.jpg
Bololokan, the Rainbow Water Snake spirit who moves the rain around the world. I painted her on my drum in honor of who she is and what she does to keep us alive.

Marchiene and I started off early today because it’s a long hike around Grandmother Turtle or Airport Mesa. When we’d done our topo map work last year, we saw that “Airport Mesa” was actually a huge turtle! So, we call her Grandmother Turtle.

We decided intuitively to go REVERSE on the trail to our Grandmother Cedar tree that sat on the east end of the turtle. Once on the trail, we ask permission to move forward toward out goal. Marchiene sprinkled some cornmeal as a gift. We got the go ahead. It’s a good three hour hike around her shell and about two hours of climbing UP to reach the tree. As soon as we got on the path, there was a female black lab and a young woman. And then we had the Raven cawing and telling us to go forward. Clairvoyantly, I saw Grandmother Komwida standing twenty stories tall, hovering over the back of the turtle. She was gesturing for us to get along and “come on!”

DSC_0084 marchiene reinstra on airport mesa train en az.jpg
Here is Marchiene on the Airport Mesa trail. She gave the offering of cornmeal and we asked permission to continue down the trail to our sacred Cedar tree which was in the East end of Grandmother Turtle or her ‘tail.’

It was a cool, Spring morning. The sky was blue and the sun was shining down upon the pocket called west Sedona. The red sandstone gleamed against the white dolomite above it. We pointed out the two DRAGONS we had found in the landscape of Sedona from last year. One was pointed East and the other to the Southwest. And Marchiene pointed out the ‘egg’ in the landscape as well. A nice dragon’s den, Sedona.

There was a quiet peace to today’s hike. As we breasted a rise after scrambling like mountain goats up a rocky trail, we came upon towers of rocks. I love these sentinels that someone builds. Marchiene took a photo of me standing with some of them. As we walked we saw El Shaddai, our next stop on 3.19 to the southwest of us. And to the south was House Mountain (where I live), a dormant and only volcano in the Verde Valley. As we climbed higher, we could see all the magnificent buttes such as Grandmother Bell Rock, Cathedral and Courthouse. They stood proudly out of the flat desert landscape; all vibrating with energy and beauty.

DSC_0085 sedona beautiful from airport mesa trail en az.jpg
From our early morning trail we could look down and see the sun rising and swathe Sedona in magical beauty.

Reaching our goal of our favorite very old cedar tree, we got busy with our ceremony. Marchiene played her flute for the spirits. Then, I drummed. The beat puts me into an immediate altered state. I saw Grandmother Komwida above us holding out her abalone shell with thickly smoking white sage far above us. I then saw Bololokan come. The Rainbow water snake took the fire that was wrapped around Rainbow Bridge, twisted upward. As she twisted, I again saw the strands that looked similar to DNA, in red, yellow and orange colors. Then, twisting as she rose and arced across the sky, she brought the fire down and followed Grandmother Turtle’s edge of her shell. We were completely ringed in fire.

DSC_0089 blue juniper berries  airport mesa trail en az.jpg
Along the trail were juniper bushes thick with blue berries. This indicated they got enough water to produce this crop.

Then, Bololokan brought it up so that the fire was like a column. The airport runway is only about a hundred feet away. She placed the fire beyond the end of the runway and the tree where we sat. Then, as in times before, she retraced her route back to Rainbow Bridge, Vultee Arch, Sycamore Canyon and finally, back to the sipapu or emergence point on Mingus Mountain. Then, she arced up in the sky and headed north. She blipped out and I lost her in the blue sky. Marchiene picks up this story and saw Bololokan up at the Four Grandmothers (Humphrey’s mountain) in Flagstaff in her blog.

DSC_0095-2 rock piles  airport mesa trail en az.jpg
Here are those mysterious rock piles that were patiently put together. They go well with the landscape.

Our next stop is El Shaddai, near Marchiene’s home. She is a volcano vent that has a tube that runs to House Mountain, the volcano in Verde Valley.

Every time we do ceremony to unplug the debris from these sacred areas that Bololokon uses to keep the weather balanced in the Verde Valley, there is something to reflect our work and efforts with the spirits of the area.

DSC_0107 grandmother cedar  airport mesa trail en az.jpg
Here is our beloved Grandmother Cedar tree.

Today, March 18, we had an earthquake 3.5. And guess where it was centered? In Sycamore Canyon right where we did ceremony on December 16, 2010!! Here’s the info from the USGS:

34.8591 -112.0722(M3.7 – ARIZONA – 2011 March 18  19:54:45 UTC)

3.9 EARTHQUAKE 22 miles from Sedona. Magnitude 3.7

* Friday, March 18, 2011 at 19:54:45 UTC
* Friday, March 18, 2011 at 12:54:45 PM at epicenter
* Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones

Location 34.859°N, 112.072°W
Depth 4.9 km (3.0 miles) set by location program
Distances 36 km (22 miles) W of Sedona, Arizona

And if you put the latitude and longitude in, you’ll see that it’s right where we were working.

Well, that earthquake is kinda interesting.  They’ve put it at 3.5.  It took place in Sycamore Canyon very, very close to where we were doing ceremony about a month ago to unclog an energy system that had been mucked up.  We’ve been working on the Rainbow Snake’s path through the Verde Valley since December 2010 to the present.  Sycamore Canyon was our second stop on the path.  Now, almost 3 months to the day (3.17.2011) we get an earthquake in that area.  This valley up to Humphrey’s Peak (the 4 Grandmothers) is a route for the spirit water snake known as Bololokan by the Yavapai people.  We discovered it last year and have been going to each spot pointed out by Bololokan to do ceremony to reopen these area that have been clogged with pollution, etheric debris and getting the energy flipped “on” again.  Each time we’ve opened an area, something happened; such as weather events.  Now, we have an earthquake to add to our list.  And we aren’t done opening up these clogged energy areas.  Amazing stuff.

You can check out all our blogs on Walking the Land.  The two I’ve put below are Marchiene and I’s blogs on Sycamore Canyon, right where this earthquake happened.

Eileen’s blog on Sycamore Canyon December 16, 2010

Marchiene and Sycamore Canyon blog  December 17, 2010

More thoughts about the earthquake in Sycamore Canyon….at Vultee Arch, another stop where Marchiene and I did ceremony to open it back up, a BLACK DRAGON came to us….now, black dragons are EARTH dragons.  And she was very excited that we’d come to open up HER area at the arch…and there is a saying that any time an earth dragon moves beneath the rock and soil, it creates an earthquake.  Plus, we were talking about the two dragons in the Sedona landscape as we walked on the path of Grandmother Turtle. Hmmmmm…..Marchiene and I are going out tomorrow to the next spot Bololokan has asked us to perform ceremony and open up…

I decided to ask the black dragon of Vultee arch and see if she knew what was happening. Sure enough she had “moved” she said. She said that by us opening up the energy, it put a lot of pressure on her, so she moved. I asked her if there would be more and she said no. She was grateful that we are opening up these plugged areas. I told Marchiene it was good that two or three weeks were between our ceremonies. It gave the land and newly opened energies time to adjust. This is the first time we’ve seen an earthquake associated with it! And fortunately, it was a small one and no injuries or harm to the land. Just an “adjustment.”