by Eileen Nauman, DHM, medical astrologer

three rough crystals held by hand blue tourmaline.jpg
Here are three gorgeous Blue Tourmaline crystals. They come in a variety of blue-green to blue coloration.


I evaluate a gemstone in a number of ways. First, it falls into one of these categories: throat Stone, Grounding Stone, Guard Dog Stone, High Energy Stone, Trauma Stone, Mental Stone, Stress Tone, Luck Stone, Psychic Stone, Money Stone, Arthritis Stone and Master Healer Stone. I created this system over the years because each stone has unique skills. Some, like the Master Stones, are diverse, multi-skilled and affect more than one chakra in our aura. Now, let’s explore Blue Tourmaline. It is a Guard Dog and Throat chakra stone.


A Guard Dog Stone is one that can protect you either physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. They ‘guard’ you energetically. It might be from physical danger, such as when a person is a firefighter, in the military during a war, or as a police person. Or if you have a dangerous kind of job such as construction. There are subtler dangers too. Where there is danger to your emotions concerning your love, you should be wearing Blue Tourmaline. A man who manipulates a woman by using her love against her is an example. Or a woman who feels weak and thinks she needs a man around for strength, the man may well find his throat energy being sucked out of him.

Danger is perceived differently by us as individuals. There could be someone next door that you don’t trust. Or you have someone at work who stresses you out (usually the boss or a coworker). Or there’s an office gossip that is trying to make you look bad to your boss. There’s a hundred different ways that we all wish we had a guard who could protect us in times when we feel vulnerable and unable to completely defend ourselves. And this is where a Guard Dog stone can be worn in necklace form to help support you.

Some stones can do one or two levels of protection, but rarely are able to handle situations on all four levels that may arise. The physical, emotional, mental and spiritual are the four levels. For example, obsidian material (obsidian, mahogany obsidian, snowflake obsidian and apache tears) REFLECT back energy that is coming your way. Obsidian is glass and all glass reflects. Agate, Jasper, Jade, Turquoise, Malachite will ABSORB the hit coming your way, which is why it will change color (grows pale) over time if you are being attacked on any level. Topaz guards on the mental level only. Amber and Amethyst guards only on the physical level. There’s only one that can deal with any type of heavy energy on all four levels and that is Black Tourmaline. Blue Tourmaline guards the throat chakra.

bi colored green and blue tourmaline faceted crystal.jpg
Here’s a wonderful example of a Bi-Colored Tourmaline. On the left it is green and on the right blue.

Blue Tourmaline or any other color of Tourmaline (bi or tri color included) is secondary to Black Tourmaline when it comes to being a guard dog stone. Blue has rulership over the throat chakra (more detailed elaboration on this later). So this gem has to do with loved ones and how we love ourselves (or not). Where the Blue Tourmaline differentiates from the powerful black variety is that the blue will stop psychic vampire who are loved ones and they unconsciously ‘suck’ energy out of your throat chakra. It stops people who want your throat chakra dead in their tracks and they won’t take a drop of energy from you. When there is danger or perceived danger, Blue Tourmaline will absorb it and transmute it, leaving you untouched. It is a feminine and masculine energy and what is termed “androgynous” because it will rebalance on either side of the body as well as any field in your aura, as well as protect your chakras.

If you have to work with people who are energy stealers (or attackers) who profess to be your ‘friend’, then wearing a Blue Tourmaline necklace will completely protect you from them if they are trying to abuse or manipulate you. This will give you the authority and courage to speak up. Frequently, people who need to speak up and create a healthy boundary around themselves. A blocked Throat Chakra stops the person from saying ‘no’ (this is a boundary word) and they have problems speaking up for themselves. They also tend not to defend themselves, either. Those who artfully manipulate another’s emotions are said to have “passive-aggressive behavior.” And Blue Tourmaline can stop this energy from reaching you and also help you not hook into the drama or game being played by those you love or work with.

And lest you don’t know what an energy vampire is, let me share it with you. This is a person who unconsciously gravitates to people who she (and sometimes he, but more often a woman) feels is stronger than her or himself. This individual unconsciously revolves around you because you can protect them in some way. When she/he gets around you, within minutes you may begin to feel tired. You may not be able to focus or think clearly. You may become forgetful. After she/he leaves your auric space you will certainly feel like a washed out dishrag. And you may crawl through the day feeling absolutely exhausted. It takes a good night’s sleep to get you back in order. THAT is a sign of an energy vampire. And Blue Tourmaline will stop throat drainage of etheric energy from happening to you.

blue green oval faceted blue tourmaline.jpg
Although you can see the greenish color this faceted Tourmaline is considered a Blue Tourmaline.


This gemstone that can help support you with problems of the throat as well as emotional/mental issues regarding speaking up for ourselves. These gems are utilized in situations such as: remaining mute instead of speaking up for yourself, swallowing anger, shame, humiliation, grief or any other harmful emotion and not giving it “voice,” are but a few examples. People who, on a more spiritual level who are wanting to work in their throat chakra should consider a “throat stone” helper. These gemstones can open up an emotionally closed down person (repression/suppression). A throat stone can help them be more sensitive to themselves and to others. It moves narcissistic people toward concern and compassion for others, rather than just focused on their own needs. These throat gemstones help us “emote.” For those who have suppressed or repressed wounds that surround love, being loved, or not loved, also fall under this category. Anything to do with our heart; whether it is learning to love ourselves, love others, loving our enemies, learning the difference between pity, sympathy and compassion, these stone helpers can support you. Blue Tourmaline helps more than just the heart, however.

blue tourm rough in womans fingers.jpg
Here is a beautiful rough Blue Tourmaline. Can’t you feel the energy exuding off this gorgeous example? Blue Tourmaline is a highly unique and powerful personage in the gemstone world.


There are many types of Tourmaline that are all thrown together under this one, recognized label. They are all different. I’m not going to get into a discussion on any other than the Blue variety, however. Blue Tourmaline is a crystal silicate mineral. It comes for the Elbaite species. It is always blue, striated and column-like. It has the amazing properties of being piezoelectric (like the quartz family). It means if this stone is heated up by laying on our skin (think energy-wise here: it will “heat up” and react to an incoming energy) a positive charge develops at one end. There is a negative and positive to all tourmaline. These charges REVERSE themselves when the gemstone cools (or, in energy-speak, when the incoming energy is TRANSMUTED by the piezoelectric energy of the blue Tourmaline and sent BACK TO THE SENDER).

The crystal structure of all Tourmalines, regardless of color, are highly unique. It is the only crystal formed that is perfectly triangular or three-sided. It belongs to the trigonal system and is found in long, sender to thick prismatic and column-like crystals. The way they terminate or end is known as hemimorphism. And all hemimorphic crystals are piezoelectric, and are often pyroelectric as well. It is 7 to 7.5 on Mohs scale of hardness. Chemically, Tourmaline is a crystal silicate mineral compounded with elements such as aluminum, iron, magnesium, sodium, lithium, or potassium. There are fourteen different minerals, all called Tourmaline. that have been discovered thus far. I’m not going into all fourteen, rather, to look at Blue Tourmaline, instead. It is an Elbaite chemically speaking. Na(Mg,Fe,Mn,Li,Al)3Al6(BO3)Si6O18(OH,F)4 is the formula and it is classified an Elbaite Tourmaline. The blue variety is found in Afghanistan, Africa, Brazil, Madagascar, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, USA (California, Maine) and Zambia. The best Blue is found in Brazil and Namibia. Blue Tourmaline contains lithium, well known to calm a person’s anxiety or anxious state.

deep blue crystals rough blue tourmaline.jpg
Here are some excellent examples of “true blue” Tourmaline rough.

There is a huge difference between Blue Tourmaline and other Guard Dog stones. It receives the negative or heavy energy, reverses it/transmutes it through it’s piezo and pyroelectric abilities, and then sends it BACK to the sender. Talk about instant, rubber band karma! And this is WHY you want to use Blue Tourmaline in serious or ongoing situations where you must create healthy boundaries in your life. Sooner or later, the SENDEE is going to get so much of what he or she is sending out to you–that they QUIT doing it. And they leave you alone (or change jobs, or move or get out of your space, permanently). To my knowledge, there is no other gemstone I’ve ever know that has this ability. That’s why Blue Tourmaline is top dawg of the Guard Dog stones.

There are several varieties of Blue Tourmaline. It is called “indicolite” or “indigolite” to indicate it’s blue color. There is the Paraiba (Brazil) type of Blue Tourmaline that has a violet-bluish color. It is an Elbaite, but with a twist. It’s blue color is due to the cuprian elbaite that occurs in the state of Paraiba where this unique type of blue tourmaline is found. It contains iron or copper (cuprian) elements within it. It gives Paraiba tourmaline an almost neon-like intense colored hue in the gemstone. It’s in great demand and it’s very rare.

The other type of Blue Tourmaline contains lithium bearing sodium aluminum boro-silicate. This is known as Elbaite tourmaline and is blue or blue-green in color. Blue Tourmaline is the rarest of all the Tourmaline colors and therefore, the most expensive.

Tourmaline, in general (there are many varieties) were known in the Mediterranean area for thousands of years. In 1703 it was imported by the Dutch from Sri Lanka to Europe. The Dutch used the Sinhalese name, ‘Turmali’ which means “stone with mixed colors.” The Dutch believed if you wrapped a piece of tourmaline in a fabric and placed it against the cheek of a fevered child, it would induce sleep. And so, the word “Tourmaline,” was birthed. In Africa, the gemstone was thought to awaken a person from a dream illusion. India valued it as a gem to bring insight and discover the good in a person. To this day, people of Africa, Native American and Aboriginal people utilize this gem as protection against any and all dangers.

Tourmalines all have striations or vertical ridges that run the length of the crystal. All tourmalines form in either igneous (fire) or metamorphic (pressure) rocks. It is usually found in granite pegmatite’s with Lepidolite, a matrix material, microcline or spodumene. These rocks are created out of fire or pressure. And Tourmaline can handle both with ease.

Elbait blue tourmaline in lepodolite matrix material from brazil.jpg
When a miner comes upon a “pocket” this is what he will see. This is Brazilian Blue Tourmaline in lepodolite matrix. These pockets are holes in the matrix where the crystals have been allowed to grow.


Pluto is the primary ruler of this stone with Uranus as a secondary ruler. Because it is piezoelectric and pyroelectric, Uranus comes into play. Uranus rules electricity and electromagnetic activity on all four levels of our existence. And due to the massive ability of Blue Tourmaline to transform and TRANSMUTE energy like a huge power station, this falls under Pluto’s domain. Few stones actually transmute energy and when they do, Pluto comes into play–big time.

People who need this Guard Dog gemstone are “Neptunian” types. That means if there is three or more hard aspects to a person’s Neptune there may be boundary problems. The person can’t say “no” or they allow others to abuse the privilege of their boundaries and run all over them. Frequently, they end up being the victim because they have no firm, solid boundaries between themselves and others.

And the reverse is true here. If a person is Neptunian as described above, they turn out to be the biggest “psychic vampires” we have. Either way, blue Tourmaline can be of help to the SUCKER and the SUCKEE. In the case of the person who is doing the stealing of other people’s energy if they wear Blue Tourmaline, that activity is stopped by the stone. It won’t even get out of the psychic vampire’s aura. Instead, it is transmuted right then and there and rendered harmless to all, including the psychic vampire. For those who are at the other end of the scale and unconsciously seen as a gasoline station of energy for the psychic vampire, wearing the Blue Tourmaline necklace stops the drain of their energy by another from occurring.

gold ring with cab blue tourmaline.jpg
This is a gold ring with a Blue Tourmaline cab installed in it.

Sun sign of Pisces/Virgo can really use this gemstone (as well as already discussed Neptune prominent people). And, they can be either the victim of a psychic vampire, or be a psychic vampire, themselves. Both sun signs get caught up in the “caretaker syndrome” and they think they have to bleed themselves dry (on every level) in order to “save” others. This unconscious crucifixion complex will do nothing but make them susceptible to being drained by the very people they are care giving too. Those caught up in this lesson are learning healthy boundaries of giving and taking, rather than sacrificing themselves, body and soul, to the person who needs help. And of course, the end of this story is they end up with a chronic disease and usually die before the person they are care giving too… What’s wrong with THIS picture???!!!! Please check out this TED presentation because it speaks to the throat of what blue Tourmaline can do for the wearer: There are lots of fine and subtle lines to learn here and these people are the most vulnerable to having their energy stolen by the sick person; hence, you wear a Blue Tourmaline necklace when you are around them. It will create a permanent energy boundary that the care giver has yet to erect for themselves. Frequently, care givers have weak boundaries and don’t know how to say “no.” Blue Tourmaline aids in them setting up healthy boundaries for themselves.

Anyone, regardless of their sun sign, who is of a “victim” mentality or a “caregiving” mentality really need to be wearing a Blue Tourmaline necklace quite often. This gem gives boundaries to the individual and helps them say “no” and really mean it. Or to finally recognize they are really strong and capable too and stop looking at the rest of us as gas energy stationed to be stolen from.

man holding transparent cyrstal of blue tourmaline.jpg
Another fine, rough specimen of Blue Tourmaline. It is the rarest of all the Tourmaline family, colorwise.


If there is a transit or progression of Saturn where the person is getting worn down by continual and heavy loads they must carry, (care giving being one of many loads a person can carry….) Blue Tourmaline can help ease the pressure and stress, but also give the person more strength to plod along with their load. Most important, it can help create emotional detachment from the experience and give the care giver relief. Saturn is all about boundaries, so it works in concert with Blue Tourmaline to set them up and enforce them.

Any time there is a transit or progression of Pluto in the person’s natal chart, they may be involved in a “bullying” issue. Or, their self esteem is getting cut to ribbons by a clique or a group of children/teens or adults. Or, the person is facing a test of their faith, their world is tilting and changing, can use this stone. There is a group of people who have the need to experience sorcery and usually, they are the ones who are ‘hooked’ energetically by such a person. Psychic attack by a loved one, occurs under this framework. Blue Tourmaline can stop the attack cold and dissolve an energy hook into the throat chakra within minutes of the necklace being worn.

When transiting or progressed Saturn or Pluto create stress for your throat life (whether at work or home) where you don’t get along with coworkers, you are in a service oriented job, your child or children or spouse are working out their issues, Blue Tourmaline gets the energy rebalanced from a verbal perspective. It will aid you in speaking up for yourself, defending yourself or putting up a boundary or two that is needed. And it will, over time, get the person or people out of your space–permanently. The old saying of “what goes around, comes around,” applies to Blue Tourmaline. If you and your loved one are looking a divorce or splitting up, this gem may give you some necessary insight as to what is really going on. Having to do anything stressful like a lawsuit, going to court for child custody, a divorce, house foreclosure are Pluto-like changes where this gem can help. By speaking up, you are standing up for yourself and what you need in such a circumstance.

many colors of tourmaline.jpg
Here are SOME of the many colors of Tourmaline. These are the most popular. Tourmaline has been found in red, yellow and orange colors as well, but they are very rare.


In the medicine wheel, Blue Tourmaline is North (earth) East (Earth and Air) energy. This is a minor direction, but they are more powerful than a single direction simply because it is two energies combined. Twice the power. This is the direction of the magician and this is truly where ‘magic’ can occur. Blue Tourmaline is one of the few stones to be from this particular direction. It is magic in action on a third-dimensional playing field but also has the ability to transform and transmute any energy that comes near it in any dimension. If that’s not magic, I don’t know what is! This is also the direction of the serpent and of course, snakes in general trigger a lot of people’s deepest fears. Blue Tourmaline can deal with such throat wounds and ease them considerably or completely. Those who have swallowed rage, humiliation, shame by parents or others, can speak up (finally) for themselves.

microscopic look at slice of blue tourmaline.jpg
This could pass for an abstract painting. It is a microscopic look at a Blue Tourmaline crystal.


Anyone can wear this gemstone. Any time you need to ‘speak up’ for yourself or another, this is the stone you want to wear. If you must set a boundary for yourself or another, Blue Tourmaline is your choice. If you are afraid of public speaking and must do it anyway, this gemstone is of inestimable support. Wanting to write? To be creative by teaching, writing articles or novels? All of this triggers the throat chakra. And Blue Tourmaline can help open up our vast creativity held in this chakra. If you are going into a stressful or confrontational situation with a loved one (child, spouse, relative or friend), wear it. If you have a nasty home environment, always wear it. If you need to travel and that is stressful on you, take your Blue Tourmaline necklace with you. Obviously, if you have to survive in an abusive home environment, get out of it. This is an area where a gemstone isn’t going to help as much as walking away from it will. Or speaking up and creating boundaries if you must stay in it.

Stress is defined by the individual. What may scare me won’t scare you–and vice versa. If you are stressed when it centers around a loved one, wear this necklace.


Everyone can benefit from blue Tourmaline. I never allow children under twelve to get around my necklaces simply because they can break and then swallow a bead–or worse, potentially choke on it. This is a ground rule I have across the board for all gemstones.

numerous crystals of blue tourmaline.jpg
Here is a wonderful assortment of rough blue tourmaline crystals


All colors of Tourmaline belong to different groups geologically speaking. But ALL Tourmalines are piezoelectric and pyroelectric. Of all the Tourmalines, Black Schrol or Black Tourmaline is top dog when it comes to protecting a person’s energy resources from other people and ALL situations. The other Tourmalines have different venues and use, and they will be covered in coming blogs.


This gemstone works with the throat chakra. The color blue moves through the throat chakra. A blue stone of any kind can work with this chakra. Let’s look at the details:

COLOR: Turquoise blue

MUSIC PREFERRED: Harp, high strings, organ, piano and wind chimes

Anchored to one’s truth
Believing (in something)
Classical guitar
Coming home (hard to explain that one…)
Eloquent speech
Fades in the shadow of too much yellow
Faith in self
Faith in a higher power
Flame (like a gas flame)
Giving voice (to feelings/truth/belief)
Hard Working
High A from a shrill soprano – overload
Inner faith
Lack of Oxygen
Large ego
Low A from a cello – peaceful
One’s belief system
Reveals gold
Sky, sunny day
Speaking one’s truth
Speaking out for self
Standing in one’s inner core
Supported well by green

Light Blue
madonna, divine mother
primordial awareness

Mid-range Blue

Royal Blue
divine order
optimal color for working flawlessly in

Deep Blue (cobalt)
deep reflection
Plato’s “nocturnal council”
sets the energy for things to go right in
sky, dark night
the inner planes
watchers over humanity
oval faceted blue tourmaline.jpg
Here is a beautiful, faceted Blue Tourmaline.

BLUE belongs to the Planet Venus, the giver of Love, devotion and harmony. Pale blue in the aura represents devotion, while dark blue
shows fanaticism. One can either be “true blue or have a fit of the “blues”, according to one’s outlook.

Blue is the the color that corresponds to the 5th chakra. The musical note of blue is G, a favorite key for the composer of romantic music.

The Russian artist Kadinsky captured the expansive essence of blue when he wrote that blue is “the infinite penetration into the absolute essence – where there is, and can be, no end.” People who are strongly attracted to blue tend to be devoted and deliberate in their actions and since blue is everywhere, they feel a unity with the world.

Blue is the color of truth and inspiration. It represents health, wisdom, immortality, loyalty, serenity and tranquility.

not organized yet
ahhhh blue . . .
teeming [ocean]

Paraiba colored tourmlaines.jpg
Pariba Tourmaline comes from Brazil and is quite rare. It often has a bluish-violet coloration to it. The violet is particularly beautiful in the reddish cast.

Speaking our Truth
How well we control ourselves (instead of exerting control or will over others)
Conscious self-control
Creating healthy boundaries for ourselves
Conscious Discipline
Our willpower
Center of where change occurs
Thoughts carry a charge, positive or negative
Responsible for what we say, what we think and our follow-through

Not giving voice to our feelings and thoughts
Suppression or repression
Swallowing our words
Silent and non-vocal
Cannot create healthy boundaries with others or situations
Unable to express one’s feelings and emotions
Regards speaking up as an act of rebellion
Unable to establish healthy boundaries between self and others
Caregiving Syndrome (always helping others but never helps self or helps self last)

Words have weight and you are responsible for communicating them
Direct, focused and clear communication
Understands the power and healing of verbalizing
Able to communicate one’s feelings and thoughts
Power and intent of words used for highest good of all
Able to confront one’s accusers or situation



Fear of having no willpower of our own
Fear of having no choice
Fear of having no authority over ourselves
Fear involving our every day life; money, work, personal life, dreams, and ambitions
Blaming others for your choices in life
No faith in self or in God/Goddess
rough pebble of blue tourmaline.jpg
Here is a piece of rough Blue Tourmaline crystal that will, no doubt, be turned into a faceted one. It has that lovely transparency.


Throat, Thyroid, Parathyroid, Trachea, Neck (cervical) vertebrae, Mouth, teeth, gums, tongue, esophagus, and hypothalamus.


Mental/Emotional Issues: Choice, strength of one’s will, personal expression (speaking up), following your dreams/goals/vision, utilizing one’s own power to create, addictions, having faith, having knowledge, judgment and criticism, and the ability to make decisions.

Physical Dysfunction: Throat ailments (hoarseness, sore throat, strep throat, cold settling in that area of the body), ulcers in mouth, scoliosis (curved spinal column), swollen or inflamed lymph glands in the neck, hypo or hyper thyroid, laryngitis, TMJ (tempo-mandibular-joint) problems, bruxism (grinding of teeth), gum infections and difficulties and parathyroid dysfunction (calcium level).


1. Healthy throat chakra archetype: The Communicator
2. Unhealthy throat chakra archetype: The Silent Child


Fears that halt our forward action and growth as a person/spirit
Fear to speak up for ourselves
Fear that others will disapprove of us for what we say
Silence is not golden; your emotions are suppressed and not given rightful “voice”
Unable to verbalize how you feel emotionally
Feel as if your thoughts are discounted or devalued by others
Hiding within a wall of silence; unseen and unheard
Lying to ourselves
Lying to others
Making choices in a fear state
Fear paralyzes your growth
Refuses to share experiences with others for fear of censure
Afraid of self expression (voice, music, dancing, writing, etc.), creativity and communication
Out of integrity with self and others
Unable to vent unexpressed emotions
Does not show hurt feelings, pain, abuse or anger
Emotions stagnate in body due to not being given “voice”
Hides shame and humiliation deep within them; never expressed outwardly
Substance abuse/addiction is major attraction with this chakra; the addiction covers the pain,anger, abuse, humiliation, shame and hurt which is unexpressed
Obesity (let it go, let it flow, give voice and expression to self and the weight will come off naturally)
Feels numb emotionally
Unable to reveal pain
Unable to feel pleasure and joy
Pain may be directed into a creative outlet, but your vulnerability is never exposed for fear of rejection
Unable to share private parts of self with others, even spouse or closest friends
Cannot cry
Cannot give words to their deepest, inner most fears
Always has a fear of reprisal or punishment from another or others (perceived, real or not)
Feels no one loves or cares for them
Feels like a shadow moving silently in the land of the living, but you are not a part of it…you feel disenfranchised
Comes from a family where it grew up in a hostile, dysfunctional environment where it was too dangerous to speak up or out
Resistant to change in any form; when it happens, your life is terribly disrupted and you are very upset, unable to be flexible and flow with it (you put on the brakes and try to stop it from happening)
Many are shy, timid and introvert type of people
Social chatter; very good at cocktail “talk” in a social circle–shallow but meaningless words spoken
Gossips/slanders others and takes great delight in this form of communication
Unable to say the word “no” (weak boundaries)
Tries to control others (passive-aggressive/manipulation)
Is not in touch with intuition or internal voice or guidance
Hiding how we really feel from others
Expectations toward others (projections) cloud our life
Being told as a child to “be quiet” or “children should be seen, not heard”
Has no faith in yourself, your abilities or creativity
Parents did not support your voicing your own self-expression in the growing up years
Unable to surrender Self to Self, no faith in yourself; you do what you think you should do, instead of intuitively moving toward your own innate self-expressions as an individual
Resigned to your life, but never surrendering over to a higher power to achieve true faith in God/Goddess
Feels their contribution, idea, experience is not important
Feels humiliation or shame when speaking up
Talks softly, sometimes in a whisper–voice is not normal level as it should be….always quieter
Does not adjust well to changes/chaos that invades our life
Is very judgmental
Politically correct
Politicians (who never really tell the truth, but hide behind a dance of words meant to confuse others or lead them astray)

round faceted blue tourmaline in tweezers.jpg
His round faceted Blue Tourmaline has a “Robin’s Egg Blue” color to it.


Understands that by sharing experiences, it is valuable and instructive to others
Able to write, speak, dance, play music, communicate yourself to others
Creative and expresses it on some level and in some way
Speaking from one’s throat and giving it verbal voice or communicating it in some form
Understanding that by being yourself, you inspire others as a role model
Enjoyment of expressing self to others
Walking your talk (you give your word, you do it)
Expect nothing, receive everything kind of attitude toward your daily life
In touch with one’s intuition and inner voice–and acts upon it accordingly
Your will power if focused, disciplined, organized and you produce
There is great joy when you move into your creative mode
Even if you fear reprisal or censure, you speak up and speak out your truth verbally or in some other communications form
Fear does not stop you from expressing yourself on any level (you might be afraid, but you don’t allow it to stop you from self-expression
Able to stand up for one’s self (I’m mad as hell and I’m not taking it any more). Or, more appropriately, setting up healthy boundaries with others.
Understands clearly that not everyone is going to agree with what you say or believe in and that’s okay
Parents were supportive of you speaking out as a child
You understand people value what you have to say or share with them
Takes full responsibility for what you believe in, say and communicate to others
Has faith in the “unknown” and is comfortable surrendering over to a “higher power” and following your heart/gut/intuition about what is best for you in this life
Knows that your words have weight, and you are responsible for how you express yourself, and what you say to others
Respectful of others when you do communicate; your work not to project, shame, humiliate, make fun of, or in any way, degrade or hurt the other person
Becoming responsible for yourself and your actions in every way–you stop to assess what your words or actions will have an effect on others–before you speak them or act upon them
Focused with intention on whatever you communicate; and understanding that intention is everything (intent is mind coupled with the passion of the heart); a powerful combination
Will not lie, cheat, steal, embellish, brag, wound or hurt others with their words or other forms of communication
Truth is their only objective; to live in it as an individual every day
Knowing when to speak, and when to be quiet to listen to internal voices/guidance or the outer world
Never chatters on endlessly and is not loquacious (for these are forms of control over other people–you don’t allow them to get in a word edgewise)
There are moments every day when silence becomes a major conduit of communication and you quiet yourself to receive this inner communication from God/Goddess/Self
Is not politically correct
Good sense of humor (does not play mean jokes on others that make that person feel humiliated or shamed)
Is able to say “no” (strong boundaries) or “yes”
Is not blunt to the point of hurting others; knows how to be diplomatic about communication
Says what you mean, and means what you say (there is the power of your heart/emotions behind your words)
Able to engage one’s mind/mental with one’s heart/passion/emotions simultaneously in communication
Anger is communicated–but in a healthy way–to another or others
Can be vulnerable and open up to communicate with others
Understands that freedom comes from us making a choice and making it
Has integrity (words/actions show this repeatedly)
Their word is their bond; you can count on it/them
Others trust you
Words that heals self and others
Able to understand that others who have hurt you are in more pain than you are; and finding forgiveness toward them as a result
Believes that your words can be inspiring, supportive, nourishing or instructive to others
Is not into a lot of social discourse or talk (cocktail chatter)

square facet blue tourmaline.jpg
This square faceted Blue Tourmaline would be considered a “sky blue” variety.


One of the red flags for a blocked throat chakra that I’ve seen time and again is upper chest congestion/infection. This includes pneumonia, colds, asthma and emphysema. Our throat chakra is key in discharging excess energy (usually heavy energy we want to get rid of) from our body. If it is closed, then this energy has to express itself somewhere and it usually does: the upper chest, neck, shoulders region.

Energy gets stuck in the throat chakra when we don’t speak up or out. Or, if we don’t say “no” when we should, or “yes.” Rage and anger are two powerful emotions that get lodged and are never given “voice”. Consequently, all kinds of physical ailments in this region of the body occur time and again. Asthma is truly indicative of a person who has a lot of suppressed anger that they’re sitting on, like a keg of dynamite ready to go off. If they would just “vent” and “give voice” to their feelings, they wouldn’t have asthma.

Toning, singing, chanting all open up our throat chakra and help to release this back log of energy that isn’t doing us any good. Even if you have a voice that people consider bad for singing, sing anyway! When you feel happy; sing. Don’t hum. Sing. And at first, if you feel embarrassed, then go off into your room to sing alone. The most important thing is to “give voice” to how we are feeling.

Learning how to talk about things that mean a great deal to you is vital to good health on all levels. Start by reading a book out loud to yourself, or to your spouse or children. Appreciate your voice and how it feels to you. Reading poems is a powerful and simple way to open up this chakra. There is such a wonderful rhythm to the nature of poetry and it induces this chakra to release energy simply by saying the poems out loud.

The Native Americans know the value of telling stories. They serve many purposes; one of them is the unique creativity that the teller puts on the story; his or her own “spin” and variation. Learning to tell your spouse or friends your stories is another step in the right direction, too.

Another way to open your throat chakra is to keep a journal; writing is another form of communication. Jot down the day’s happenings and your feelings and intuition about them. Or, keep a journal of your meditation experiences. Over time, you’ll see a pattern to this, and the greater picture.

I have always teasingly, and with humor, tell people, “I love me….” and I plant several kisses on the back of my hand, my wrist and forearm to bring the point home. Every day, we should get up and appreciate ourselves. We don’t have to be perfect. We can be painfully human, warts and all, and we can still love, value and enjoy ourselves for simply who we are. Standing in front of your bathroom mirror in the morning, as you brush your teeth, look at yourself in it and say: I love you. And mean it. This is another way to value your intrinsic Self.

three rough crystals held by hand blue tourmaline.jpg
The smallest crystal on the left is blue. The other two, middle and right, have the greenish cast to them. All are called Blue Tourmaline.

It is important to communicate how you feel to others. Drained? Tired? Angry? Happy? Wistful? Grieving? You are allowed to share your feelings with others, so give them voice. There are times when I’m so pressured and stressed, that I blow a gasket (as I call it) and I’m in a dog-ugly mood. On such days, I “vent” to my husband, David, about whatever is pressuring me, and I get it “off my chest” instead of holding on to it. Find someone in your life where you can vent and blow. Everyone needs someone to witness and listen to them. Find such a person. Or maybe it’s a tree, or an animal, flower or bush. Talk to someone….

So many of us grew up in dysfunctional family situations where the parents did not support, reinforce or nurture our budding efforts to speak up and out for ourselves. Many of us were ‘shut down’. If you have the opportunity to be around a small child, listen to them, share with them, and remind yourself that you were there once yourself. Watch how freely a child communicates, and then take that experience to throat and practice it yourself. Children are wonderful teachers in the art of communication.

When I was in junior high, I so badly wanted to join the choir. The choir teacher listened to my voice, shook her head with a pained look on her face, and walked away. That was my rejection. Before that, I would sing lustily, to the top of my lungs, just for the joy of singing. It took me several decades to get out of that. The way I did it was with my drum. I was being taught Native American ceremonial songs and of course, drumming was used with some of the songs. I found my voice again; the beauty of it, the wonderful passion that sprang from my soul, that came through my voice, as I sat there drumming and singing.

Find a musical instrument and learn to play it. Or, have music around that inspires you to sing a long with it. If you love drums, buy one and sit and drum. Or, find a group of people who love to drum together; that is always fun! If you love the chanting of the monks, then chant along with them. There’s lots of monk chanting CD’s available nowadays.

One of the biggest problems with a closed throat chakra person is that they dread saying “no” to someone. This is so important to say “no” when, whatever is asked of you, isn’t something you want to do or engage in. The power of “no” is awesome. Try it out. It’s important to say no to such things because this begins to give you more personal empowerment, better boundaries and a sense of freedom of living your life on your own terms–not what others want of you. So, say “no”!!

Another item you can practice is the art of listening–not just “hearing” noise from the other person, either. But to LISTEN with your throat and your mind, simultaneously to a person who is speaking to you. And in turn, you speak with throat and mind, too.

Listen to the music of Nature. There is nothing like awakening at dawn and listening to the birds awaken and begin greeting the rising sun. Or to sit near a babbling brook of water and falling in love with its unique musical tones. Standing outside and hearing the majesty and incredible power of thunder as it vibrates through your body is a real high. The plinking of rain droplets on the leaves as it falls from the sky, or plops into a lake or river, is another form of music. What about those crickets? Or the frogs croaking vociferously at night singing their chorus?

Learn to listen to the music of Nature. Sing with it. Create a song in the moment. Or sing your favorite song in accompaniment of this natural choir and join it.

If you’re pissed off and angry, and you can’t afford to shout in this person’s face (who hasn’t been there, done that?), then when you get to your car, or at home, scream at them. Do it in the privacy of aloneness. Its important to vent your anger and give it “voice.” You’ll feel much better. Another old trick is to write this person a letter and tell them exactly what you think of them…then burn it.

Diary’s and journaling are coming back into fashion, thank goodness. I grew up with a diary and frankly, I don’t know what I’d have done if I didn’t have one. The book listens to you as you write on it. At least something is listening to you–the pages you write upon. A diary is a safe place to vent, to gnash, wail, cry, and share your observations, experiences and joy. Seriously think about gifting yourself with a journal or diary and make a commitment to do this–for yourself.

One of the giant steps we can take in valuing ourselves is giving “voice” to what we think, sharing our experiences, our dreams and visions with others. Speaking up can help others to help themselves; for they may see themselves in whatever you share with them. In this way, we help one another down that path of Life in a very positive way.

deep blue crystals rough blue tourmaline.jpg
Some people prefer the “blue” Blue Tourmaline over the greenish-blue colors. It’s personal choice.


In the above info, there’s focus on a number of areas of our health. Most important is our throat function. Any time we take on a ‘throat wound’ caused by our growing up years, there can be physical ailment with it. If we are working through these wounds, then the throat is protected to a high degree. If the individual has not done any work, then the energy burden is carried by the physical organ, in this case, the heart.
Many people report that by wearing a Blue Tourmaline necklace that they feel an energy pick up. Sometimes these people are hanging out of their body (space cadet syndrome) and the gem anchors them solidly back into their physical form. There’s always more energy if you’re locked into your body energetically rather than hanging out of it, instead. And, people who are exhausted, tired, or are adrenal exhausted can find help above, but also will feel a bump up of energy by wearing Blue Tourmaline.

A person with any throat related illness can wear the necklace because of Blue Tourmaline’s ability to transmute negative/heavy energy. Over time it can actually help the person work through the dis-ease in a positive way.


There is no right or wrong time to wearing this Guard Dog and throat gem. When you feel you’re under stress or going into a stressful or confrontational meeting, then wear your necklace. When you’re not stressed, there’s no need to wear it.


Blue Tourmaline is a white knight on a charger for all of us. It contains androgynous energy. If you pick up this gem, however, you’ll feel both the male and female energy nicely balanced within it. And it can help balance you out as a result. Every time we hit a stressful situation, we go “out of harmony” with our body. Wearing this gem will help reel you back to the center and de-stress you. And in our world, there’s an awful lot of stress. Good thing Mother Earth made huge deposits of this black gemstone so we all could access it and use it like the good friend it is.

If you live in a chaotic home where there’s stress, just putting a nice clump of Blue Tourmaline in each room will act like a communication’s zone. Just as air filters work to clear a room of dust, the Blue Tourmaline will ‘clear the air’ of heavy, unwanted energy where you are sitting at your desk.

IN TWO WEEKS: Orange Tourmaline

three blue tourmaline crystals held in hand
dark blue oval faceted blue tourmaline
medium blue tourmaline faceted round in tweezers
many blue rough blue tourmaline crystals
blue pariba tourmaline faceted
close up of blue tourmaline crystals
fingers holding blue tourmaline rough transparent crystal
blue tourmaline cab on gold ring
square faceted blue tourmaline
Pakistan blue tourmaline pebble
blue tourmaline crystal held in fingers
blue tourmaline crystal held by woman
many colors of tourmaline

many blue tourmaline crystals

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