Free astrology forecasts for 2011

FREE: January 2011 Forecast

First of all, Happy NEW year! We survived December. Maybe not without dents, injuries or hobbling around…but we’re still HERE! It was a

shakeout month of huge proportions. But there’s more shaking to do yet.

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FREE: Astrological Forecast for 2011

Numerologically, 2011, when added up, is a 22 “master number” year. The master number, 22, is one of the most powerful in the cosmos. It is

four-square, or four cornered. It is ruled by Saturn on the “4” level and Pluto on the “22” energy level of expression. This will be a

Saturn-Pluto year as we have never before seen. And of course, HOW we approach it with our heart and mind, its either going to be

torturous or the beginning of freedom…

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