Medical Astrology: Sun in Pisces, Part 2

Medical Astrology:  Sun in Pisces, Part 2 by Eileen Nauman, DHM, medical astrologer

Pisces and our Feet

Pisces rules our feet.  And isn’t it interesting that the Neptune ruled sign, considered the WEAKEST of all the planets, is responsible for our foundation?  There are many implication to this.  First, as most astrologers know, there are many, many levels of energy expression by a planet.  If there are no hard aspects, then the purest, unadulterated form is utilized by the feet, the immune system and body in general.  However, if there are hard aspects to Neptune or if you have a planet/sun/moon in Pisces, then the aspects adulterate and stain the energy and expression isn’t as strong and supportive.

That explains why those with a Sun in Pisces with hard aspects, usually have weak FOUNDATION.  Weak feet.  And their ‘foundation’ goes directly back to their eighteen years when they lived under their parent’s roof.  Weak feet means a dysfunctional childhood. The more hard aspects to the Sun, the more toxic the family in general.

When our feet “break down” our ability to move, to strive, to reverse course, is all shut down.  Ask anyone with a calcium spur on their heel bone and they’ll tell you they aren’t going any where fast at all.  Throughout the zodiac signs I have touched fairly deeply on foot health and illness.

When I see someone with a ‘fallen’ arch, I think of a person who as a youngster, was crushed by an insensitive parent whose words punctured their tiny, flourishing Ego and harmed it.  “Flat feet”  (medically known as pes planus) is when the arch support collapses.  When this occurs, most or all of the foot connects with the ground.  It is estimated 20-30% of the population has this problem.  The arch may never develop fully in one or both feet.  I believe this condition symbolizes the lack of belief in themselves and this is old stuff that goes back to their parents.  There is a collapse of the child’s vital force, their individuality and it takes a pretty severe hit.

Here is a good example of a normal arch on the left and a ‘flat foot’ or no arch on the right.  This situation can cause a lot of different symptoms if ignored and left untreated.
Bunions are actually a genetic flaw and women who wear narrowed toes or heel exacerbate this condition and bring it on.
Hammer and claw toes actually can get their start from bunions so this is another reason why women with a history of bunions in their family tree should NOT wear them–or perhaps suffer these conditions as a result–ouch!

Flat feet need to be corrected in children and adults.  Seeing your podiatrist, a foot specialist, is the only way to go.  If you do not, in later life you could get rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and suffer pain.  The tendons may become destroyed as well.  All of these conditions can be avoided with proper foot care via your podiatrist. And, if you let your flat feet go, another condition can arise:  a heel spur.

Heel spurs are another area that can definitely slow you down.  When the plantar fascia pulls away from your heel area, it causes a bony protrusion or heel spur, to develop.  The pain can be extreme and you won’t be walking far.  Homeopathy connected with working with a podiatrist can heal this situation.
There’s nothing more painful than a calcium heel spur on your heel bone.

There are many other foot problems.  Achilles tendonitis, arthritis, bunions (an inhertited condition but hastened and caused by wearing high heels, ladies….so get rid of them….), calluses (again, this shows your foot is not correctly hitting the ground–see a podiatrist), corns, diabetic foot, hammer toes, heel fissures, ingrown toenails, morton’s neuroma, shin splints (both discussed in an earlier blog), and fungus.  Most notably, toenail fungus.  All ruled by Pisces.

Pisces, your best friend is a podiatrist.  Remember, most people’s feet are NOT perfect, which means a trip to your podiatrist sooner, not later, is going to put you in good stead and good foot support for the rest of your life.  When your feet are out of whack, so is your spinal column.  If you’re seeing a chiroprator monthly for spinal adjustment, the root cause is your feet.  Go save your money and get thee to a podiatrist.

Next Week:  Who can we blame for Weight Gain?


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