Preparing For The Global Shift: Moving to the Light from the Dark-How To Do It

by Eileen Nauman
Copyright 2006-2011. All Rights Reserved.

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Changes are happening. And there are more changes coming. If you think the Earth is in dire straits now–wait. For many, this seems to be a crazy, chaotic, senseless time where we span the length and breadth from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Globally, we can see that religions are at each others throats again with terrorists popping up on both sides and both are extremist in nature. How they go about their extreme beliefs and actions may be base and savage or more thoughtful, using group energy and the media instead. Either way, the extremes are here and activated. Extremes can only survive and thrive on FEAR. They are fear-based and this is an important concept to grasp.

Mother Earth is hurting from us humans who have fouled her air, water and soil. We need to take responsibility for this and our choices we’ve made. There’s an old saying that a dog never shits in his own back yard (even the animals are smarter than we are….so much for human intelligence) and we have shit in our own back yard–the Earth we live on. So, we have collectively poisoned our planet on our every level. We have made it toxic. It is a reflection of us at our most base- selfish, narcissistic and uncaring.

With Pluto, the planet of ultimate transformation conjunct the Galactic Center of our spiral arm galaxy where we live, there is good news. Add to this potent mix is Hades, the planet of ‘dust to dust’ where we have an opportunity to ‘come clean’ and wash all the dirtiness (our wounds, our negative, selfish way of living presently) and turn it in for something new. This is going on RIGHT NOW as of February/March/April 2006 for the first time in over 265 years. Then, beginning in December, 2006, we start the next stage/test/expansion and work to move into our heart and this goes into early 2007. During this first pass of Pluto conjunct the Galactic Center of our spiral armed place we live, is our chance, our Grace, to make another choice and clean up our own act. Understand that we cannot make others do what we want.


Ultimately, the only person we can ‘fix’ or change is our self. But if anyone reading this article decides to work with the information provided herein, you can begin to make powerful, positive changes within yourself that will turn you from a Dark person into a Warrior for the Light. We are all light bulbs. Did you know that? If you could see a person’s aura, it shines. The more we are of the Light, the brighter it becomes. The more we are of the Dark and caught up in our own web of selfishness and lack of sensitivity or awareness of other or our planet, the dimmer our light in our aura.

Quite literally, we are all light bulbs. Wouldn’t you like to stop hiding your light, your heart (which IS your light) under a bushel basket and shine like a beacon to the world to change it to the LIGHT? To the positive? To the Cosmos? To help bring Mother Earth and all her relations back into a beautiful, peaceful, coexisting harmony with one another?

Of course you would! And I’m going to share with you how you can begin to clean out your own closets of wounds, negative attitudes on the mental/emotional and spiritual level. We are at the precipice of a time like no other in Earth’s history and you can choose to be a dimwit or a beacon. And either choice is just fine. There is no judgment on this. Only where your heart and spirit is calling for you to go. So, as always, choice is in your hands.


We are coming out of eons of darkness and shortly, Earth will transit into the light once more. The changes for this started with the Harmonic Convergence in 1988. Did you notice that every summer after that, for 9 more years, usually between June and July that there was a release of MORE high frequency energy sprinkled around our planet and us? Sensitive people felt it keenly. Every year, the energy of Mother Earth’s aura, the place where we live, was heightened, increased and moved at a faster speed. She was preparing for this coming out of darkness to move into the dawn of new light, hope, and peace upon her wounded, ravaged body. And the good news is that we, as travelers upon her body, have the same opportunities and choices as she does.

There is no question Mother Earth has prepared herself for this ‘light leap’ or ‘quantum leap’ or “Cosmic shift’ as I refer to it, into the higher realms of energy, which is nothing but pure love and compassion. She WANTS to go there. She’s suffered grievously for eons with humans upon her in wasting wars and, now, pollution at every level. She has gone through her ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ and because she has held the vision for peace and coexistence upon her body, she is now going to receive a cosmic reward for her holding the vision and bar to the positive and to the Light.

She is going to transit, make a quantum leap up to another entirely new level as her gift, reward and Grace for hanging in there even though we were doing major damage to her on every level. We were, in essence, her Dark teachers who wounded her. She had a choice as to what to do with us and what we were doing to her. She has loved us instead of destroying us. She has been tolerant with us instead of turning to us in rage and loosing a storm of epidemics that could wipe out the human species in one, fell swoop. She had been patient with us instead of shaking us so hard that we would fall through the cracks of her own skin and be destroyed. She persevered. She held the faith that goodness would win over the Darkness and the deeds of destruction that are sown from us. She held the compassion that we are her children and she loves us, despite the savage damage we have done to her. She has loved us, despite our childish, irresponsible, selfish actions toward her.

Mom Earth deserves this coming Grace. So do we fight peaceful battles to try and keep her clean and unpolluted? Even though we have not been good stewards to her, we can still aspire to the Grace because we CHOOSE to do so. The coming energy that Mom Earth is going to move through is available to anyone else here who lives on her, without judgment. What does it take to want it? Simple. Free will choice. A desire to choose peace over war. A desire to choose tolerance over hatred and prejudice. A desire to see all living things coexist in harmony amongst one another instead of killing or destroying them with wars of any kind. If you find yourself desiring these things, then you’re ready for a leap of consciousness that is coming shortly! To say that we live in an ‘interesting’ time, according to the Chinese proverb, is true. But more to the point, we live in a very exciting time where there are boundless, positive qualities and gifts open to anyone who CHOOSES to partake of them.


I know many people are probably scratching their heads and saying, “Yes, I want peace on Earth, not war.” And, they agree that the pollution must stop. But how do you lift a world consciousness with all our relations in tow? You don’t. What you do is lift your OWN consciousness. We can never affect anyone else but ourselves. And if we focus on cleaning up the ‘dirt’ in our own self, then the world is one drop closer to peace instead of ongoing wars and terrorist of all kinds. God/Great Spirit/Buddha/Islam/Hinduism and all the other great religions of the world–and whom you privately believe in–are within us. The truth is, we were never separated but that is what you were all led to believe. With God within, there is no duality, no separation. So, the first awareness we must make is that God is within us–not outside of us as we were taught. Although, God is there, too. God is inside, outside and all around each of us all the time–nonstop, 24/7/365.

Focusing on yourself is the first tenant of changing world consciousness: one person at a time. This may seem futile, but if you put a bucket under a faucet that drips, over time, that bucket is overflowing with water. The moral of this story is that EVERY person counts. You are ALL important to the process for the quantum leap in consciousness that is coming by 2013. It doesn’t matter whether you are rich or poor, famous or unknown, have an IQ over 200 or of 50. Everyone counts. Why? Because everyone has a heart and this journey, this race for the dawn and the light of emerging consciousness is a heart-centered marathon.


There is an old symbol, much older than anyone can remember, beyond Christianity, beyond Rome, Greece and Mesopotamia. It is known as the Vesica Piscis symbol. Latin translation calls it the fish bladder. But don’t be detoured by this name. Looking like two circles overlapping one another, it has been called the symbol of the ‘fish’ (because it is shaped like one where the circles overlap) or ‘the eye of God,’ because it looks like the shape of an eye, as well. I call it The Eye. Eye of Horus, for example. There are many ‘eye’ motifs and myths/legends around the world.

The Vesica Piscis is easily one of the most profound geometrical images of ancient and modern times. It is, for example, considered to be an integral part of the Ark of the Covenant, as described and shown figuratively by ka-gold’s version of the Vesica Piscis. The latter article, in fact, ties in rather nicely with the so-called Hourglass Nebula described at the end of this Alexandrian webpage.

Essentially the intersection of two, overlapping spheres, the Vesica Piscis (including the interior portion of it, and/or the more common two dimensional version) represents, among other things:

  1. The joining of God and Goddess to create an offspring.
  2. A symbol for Jesus Christ.
  3. In art, a pointed oval used as an aureole in medieval sculpture and painting.
  4. The uterus of the female goddess (or Mother Mary’s womb).
  5. The basic motif in the Flower of Life.
  6. An overlay of the Tree of Life.
  7. The formative power of polygons in mathematics.
  8. A geometrical description of square roots and harmonic proportions.
  9. A source of immense power and energy.
  10. As such, it is also a doorway or portal between worlds, and symbolizes the intersection between the heaven and the material plane. The shape of arches in Gothic architecture is based on the Vesica.
  11. The shape of the Vesica Piscis is derived from the intersection of two circles, the Pythagorean ‘measure of the fish’ that was a mystical symbol of the intersection of the world of the divine with the world of matter and the beginning of creation. To the Pythagoreans, the whole of creation was based on number, and by studying the properties of number, they believed one could achieve spiritual liberation. The Vesica Piscis is used in a wide range of symbolism. The Vesica Piscis was the symbol of the first manifestation, the dyad that gives birth to the entire manifest universe. Within the Vesica can be found the triangle, the tetrad, the square, the pentacle, and many more polygons, making the Vesica a true symbolic womb.
  12. The Latin term Vesica Piscis, meaning ‘Vessel of the Fish,’ is the most basic and important construction in Sacred Geometry. A Vesica is formed when the circumference of two identical circles each pass through the center of the other. When a Vesica Piscis is viewed horizontally, it looks like a vagina or a womb which is why the Christ child was often pictured inside of one. When the Vesica Piscis is viewed vertically it looks like the shape of a fish. Amazingly, the above two Vesica Piscis each have a horizontal axis equal in length to the gematria value of the Greek word for ‘fishes.’
  13. The Vesica Piscis is an ancient symbol used in Pagan culture, Christian symbolism and sacred geometry, as well as various other belief systems. This enduring symbol is so old that I would suggest it was ‘born’ during the age of Lemuria, the first world upon Earth, eons ago.
  14. The two overlapping circles represent the physical world on one side and the causal or spiritual world on the other. The section where they intersect is the akashic or etheric level and is the ‘bridge between heaven and earth.’

In the earliest traditions, the supreme being was represented by a sphere, the symbol of a being with no beginning and no end, continually existing, perfectly formed and profoundly symmetrical. The addition of a second sphere represented the expansion of unity into the duality of male and female, god and goddess. By overlapping, the two spheres, the god and goddess created a divine offspring. It also shows the integration of the male/female that Carl Jung has talked about and that is the path to the Individuation process. The Vesica Piscis motif (and its derivatives- the Flower of Life, Tree of Life, and fundamentals of geometry) has a history of thousands of years and easily predates virtually all major religions of the current era.

The son or daughter of the god and goddess is associated with the overlapping of the spheres — the resulting three-dimensional figure somewhat like an American football. In the case of Jesus Christ, the two dimensional figure has also served as a symbol for the miracle of the fishes. (The ‘tail’ also served to more easily identify the source of the plane figure.) There is also conveyed the spiritual power originating from the interior of this symbol.

Virtually every medieval church in Europe uses, as a standard motif, the Vesica Piscis in two dimensions. The fact that many of these churches were dedicated to the Virgin Mary or to Mary Madagalene (aka the goddess) is simply part of the understanding. Several of the churches in northern France are even located in such a manner that their points of light recreate the ‘lights’ of the constellation Virgo. In Glastonbury, England, the site normally attributed to Avalon (the island of the Goddess), is also where the Chapel of St. Mary is located– the latter which is apparently patterned with the use of the Vesica Piscis.

The goddess of any and all religions which recognize her power and significance invariably uses the Vesica Piscis to identify her. From the overlapping pools of water and the chalice well cover in the goddess’s garden in Glastonbury (aka Avalon) to any number of representations of the Tree of Life, the goddess and her ability to create and birth life are celebrated.

Robert Lawlor, in one of the best books available on Sacred Geometry [Thames and Hudson, 1982], notes that the Ö3 contained within the Vesica Piscis is “the formative power giving rise to the polygonal ‘world’.”

In Mark Percy’s Appendix to the unique book, Two Thirds, [Aulis Publishers, London, 1993] he references the Vesica Piscis, which is the square root of 2, 3, and 5 (three of the first digits in the Fibonacci Numbers) can be geometrically calculated.

In 1996, a Crop Circle in the shape of the Vesica Piscis appeared in England. Anyone stepping into the inner portion of the two circles’ intersection could feel a sudden rush of energy. A dramatic photo of the Hourglass Nebula taken by the Hubble Space Telescope shows in  the center a dramatic, colorful object, which supposedly represents the remnants of a dying star (one about the size of our Sun). The green spot, in fact, is larger than the size of our solar system! The photograph is so dramatic that it has appeared on the cover of April 1997 issue of National Geographic. The fact that it is out in space, in our spiral armed galaxy, makes this a symbol of the Universe, not just on our Earth.

Now that you have a better idea of the definitions of Vesica Piscis, we need to explore why we want to utilize this symbol to help us leap into the New World or be prepared to transcend into peace rather than war, peace rather than chaos, peace rather than hatred and all the lower human emotions.


Sometimes, people like to make things complex when simple will do. And this is basic and simple and anyone can do it. All you need is a ball of red yarn (or your favorite color). Or, just plain string. I prefer yarn because it is easier to handle and has some weight to it. But, if you’re on a tight budget, some plain old white string from any store will do. You need to cut two sixteen feet (16′) lengths of yarn/string. The reason is that each string is going to make one circle large enough for you to stand within. And you need two strings to make two circles that will overlap one another.

I know you probably think this sounds crazy but before you make a judgment, test it out. Science was built upon trying something and then repeating the experiment. And if you want to prove this doesn’t work, you need to try it to do that.


I would try this inside a house or structure rather than out in Nature (although if you don’t have enough room inside, go out to your lawn instead). Take one piece of red yarn and create a circle out of it, making sure the ends are touching and connecting.

Next, take the second string and create a second circle. But this time, make sure that half (or less) of the second circle overlaps the first circle. There should be a ‘fish’ or ‘eye’ that is created as this yarn intersects one another. Congratulations! You have just created the Vesica Piscis symbol!

TESTING THE Vesica Piscis

There are some rules to the road in utilizing the Vesica Piscis (VP). First, step into one of the outer circles (either side) of the double circle, but not into the ‘fish’ or ‘eye’ area. When you get into the single circle area, ground yourself (see silver tree roots gently twining around your ankles and the tip of the root going down through each of your feet and several hundred feed down into Mother Earth), close your eyes and bend your knees slightly (we call this ‘soft knees’). Take two or three deep breaths down into your abdomen and out your mouth. Stand there for a minute or two and see what happens.

Next, open your eyes and step OUT of the single circle. Go to either end of the ‘lens/eye/fish’ and step into it. Close your eyes, soften your knees, take a couple of nice, deep breaths. Then, see what happens.

Many people experience many sensations in the eye . You can suddenly be pulled forward until you feel like you’re going to tip over your toes and fall. Or, you can feel pulled backward to the point where you think you’re going to fall over. Or, you may feel a strong pull from your left or right shoulder. It may seem that you’re doing what I call, ‘adjusting’ by moving one way or another. This adjustment is about getting your aura or energy field, back into balance and harmony. Once that is accomplished in the eye, you then can experience an incredible amount of things.

Some people see a color or two. Others see a person, sometimes, their Master or spirit guide or a loved one that has passed over. Or, some will hear music, or their hearing will be sharpened and accentuated. Words, sentences or instructions may be given. Other times, places, incarnations or your home planet may be shown to you. No two people will ever have the same experience because they are uniquely different.

What is the point of working in the eye of the VP? This is a way to access our own integration process, clean out our dirty laundry within us (our wounds/negative emotions, etc.), and heal yourself. When you sit and meditate in the eye, this is one of the most profound experiences you can have.

The VP is about healing. And opening up. Don’t be surprised if your heart chakra flies open and you feel tremendous love pouring down through you. As you are filled up with this love from the Universe, you, in turn, can give to others. It is a win-win situation.

The VP can put you in touch with a special teacher in Spirit. You can receive positive and reinforcing guidance as well. Past lifetimes may unroll like film on a movie screen to you, too. The VP, in the finest sense of the word, is a DOORWAY. To where? Well, you must sit in there and find out. The VP is not only a doorway, but it is catalytic as well. You cannot sit in the VP and not change for the better. It will accentuate your true, authentic self and bring you to full bloom if you allow it to work with you.

Reports of going through a worm hole, a ‘star gate,’ flying through the galaxy or through the Universe have also been experienced. Even more profound, going ‘home’ to your home place where your soul was birthed (and we all have such a place where we have come from and return to between incarnations) has also been experienced.

The VP is a mystical opening into the other dimensions, a gate, a door or whatever you want to call it. When you sit or lie down in the VP (make sure your entire body is within the eye or lens/fish, no part of it outside it), something will happen. First, your aura will be adjusted and harmonized. Once you are in harmony, then your healing begins.

I would suggest a twenty minute meditation daily in the eye of the VP. Be sure to keep a journal or diary of what you feel, hear, see or experience. Over time, you will see that each journey is like a piece to a greater motif that is you.


Feeling stressed out? Go sit or lie down in the The Eye of the symbol. If you are upset, angry or losing patience, go sit in the eye for about five to ten minutes. Amazingly, all the anger or impatience or feeling out of sorts, will simply dissolve away and you’ll feel strong, steady and in your ‘core’ being, where there is a sense of solidness and peacefulness.

Worried? Anxious? Panic attack? Want to get rid of these awful feelings? Go sit or lie down in the lens/eye for ten to twenty minutes and feel all this unwanted energy dissipate and dissolve. You’ll come out of there feeling like a new person.

Sick? Have a headache? Experiencing arthritis? Go sit or lay down in the lens/eye for ten to twenty minutes and see what happens. You’ll be feeling a lot better when you leave the VP.

You see, the VP is our very own, private doorway to the Universe in every possible and conceivable way. You can turn negative into positive. Separation or duality into Oneness. Pain into no pain. Sharp, hurtful emotions move into a feeling of peace and harmony.


So many of you are Warriors for the Light and you don’t know it, at least on a conscious level. But on a subconscious level, you definitely are one! You see, there is such a thing as a ‘peaceful warrior.’ It does not mean you are out killing people or beings, are violent, or are extreme in any way. Nope, just the opposite. Let’s look to see if you qualify to be a Warrior for the light:

  1. You desire peace over war.
  2. Believe that we can all live in coexistence on this planet with everyone and everything without violence/fighting/killing.
  3. Try not to pollute this planet in myriad ways from large to small.
  4. Believe everyone is allowed to believe what they want and respect them for their right to do this.
  5. Do not allow FEAR to run/rule you. Understands that FEAR holds us a prisoner not only of ourselves, but others as a group. FEAR keeps the Dark in control.
  6. Know on some intuitive level that LOVE and compassion is the only way out and up from this mess we’ve created on Earth.
  7. Works daily to do at least one good thing for others.
  8. Has healthy boundaries (or is working to have them) in place so that you are not giving away your life energy to others beyond that line in the sand.
  9. Not a ‘victim’ mentality and know that you are responsible to do the hard work yourself (instead of whining that you’re not getting a handout from someone else).
  10. Do not blame others for the choices you are making daily, rather, you take responsibility for all of them.
  11. Understand that change can only come through you and changing yourself. You can change this world and its vibration to a higher frequency and move it into the Light.
  12. Practice, on a regular basis, meditation, yoga or some other form of ancient tools because it puts you in touch with the Cosmic love and energy that is always there for us.
  13. Understand that harmony and balance must first occur within you. And once you are there, you can turn around and help others find this same exquisite peace. This is a world-changing knowing.
  14. Do not attach into powerful emotional dramas; your own or others because it is emotional drama that keeps us trapped. You know to detach and work at this daily, but you are still connected–from a compassionate level, instead. And even if you aren’t there yet, you are TRYING and that is all that is asked.
  15. Do not practice pity or sympathy. Rather, you are learning to practice compassion–daily–in large and small ways.
  16. Visualize daily, a world at peace, with people happy to be working with one another toward a common, shared goal of harmony. To see poverty, starvation and elitism dissolve. This is done through meditation, quiet moments, prayer work or any way that you connect with this desire. To see an Earth that is no longer polluted, that all our relations work in tandem with us, not against us, is part of this visualization. That we do not see ‘Man’ as the top of the pecking order- rather, a part of of it.
  17. Practice humility and understand that we are part of a much greater fabric of Being, and that humans are not the center of any Universe. We are all part of a greater cog and wheel and we’re a mere part of this incredible, miraculous and ongoing process.
  18. That our best teachers are inside ourselves, not outside of us. Outside teachers are necessary, but we SIFT or SIEVE through what they tell us and keep what feels right and releases the rest. Teachers outside of us, well intended that they may be, are flawed and human. We are not attracted to Gurus or one leader who knows all (they don’t). Rather, we honor our own knowing. The guides within you are perfect and will never lie to you. Listen to your own inner voice/heart/intuition is your best resource and guide to the Light.
  19. Respect for all life, no matter if human, animal, reptile, organic or inorganic; everything has a spirit within it and energy around it. Treat all life as if it was your relative. Treat all life as equal to your own.
  20. Respect for all people, regardless of religion, race, nationality, skin color or gender. You understand that if we don’t share this respect that we do not respect ourselves either. What is reflected outside of us is a reflection of who we are inside ourselves. Embrace the community of the Earth for we are part and parcel of it, never disconnected from it and that what is reflected is us. And that if we don’t like the reflection we can change it–within ourselves first–and then it will affect change globally.
  21. Realize that all things are made up of energy. This energy can be changed but never destroyed. Understand that energy can be moved from Dark to Light by simply being in your heart and desiring it to be so, can make it so.
  22. Know that Dark is as necessary as Light and that we, as a planet, have gone through 13,000 years of Dark but that our DAWN and first LIGHT are going to arrive shortly by 2013. And you want to prepare for this incredible Grace and energy distribution that is free to all who desire it.
  23. Do not practice elitism – that one group, gender or person is better than another. We all have a heart, a mind and share the same red blood in our veins, which makes us equal. Let go of separatist attitudes.
  24. Stand up and are counted on when the Dark descends upon you. It may mean standing quietly in your core for small or large challenges that may arrive in your life/career/family. You know the difference in when to fight, when to retreat and to choose your battles wisely.
  25. Understand the use of anger but use/transform it into a pro-active energy and action to catapult Light, instead of sinking into the rage which puts us into the firm clutches of the Darkness. Anger is a useful tool, but never used to harm others. Ever.
  26. Do not envy anyone, are not jealous of anyone and are learning to respect one’s own inner qualities, skills and who and what you are.
  27. Do not lie; will always tell the Truth.
  28. Do not tell half lies or half truths or some part of truth you feel you want another to know–but not the WHOLE truth. Truth will win out and you know that. You are willing to tell the truth even if it does not get you what you want, even if it humiliates you or shows you to be terribly human. Truth is one of the core qualities of a Warrior for the Light.
  29. Recognize and absorb and radiate the beauty that is all around you; large and small. Acknowledge the beauty in others, in yourself, and in ‘all your relations’ that live with you on our planet.
  30. Have FAITH when the darkness falls upon you. When you go through the ‘gauntlet’ or the Dark Night of the Soul, as all of us must and do, to know that God or whomever you believe in, is there to hold and support you through this transformation.
  31. Surrender over to a higher power only. You do not surrender to anyone else, for that is giving your power away. Understand that by surrender, you are placing yourself in the hands of a compassionate energy (be it God or whomever you believe in) who loves you and will take care of you no matter how rough Life gets for you.
  32. Understand that “this too, shall pass,” and that whatever harsh Life lessons you are learning now and in the future, that the cycle will stop and complete itself. You must just persevere, surrender to a higher power and have faith and do the best you can with your test. That is all that is required of you.
  33. Realize that you are a unique being here on this planet and that who you are, what you are, is needed and necessary for the Light to dissolve the Dark. Belief in yourself, respect of yourself, is essential as never before. Each person is like a beautiful wildflower–different and yet beautiful in your uniqueness.
  34. Honor your skills, your experiences in life that have shaped and formed you. What you know is unique and only you have this knowing. These are tools you have developed that can be utilized not only by yourself, but shared with others on a positive level.
  35. Treat your body as a temple and as a partner. Give it nourishing food, healthy food and care for it as a mother does her baby- this comes instinctively. Addictive foods, smoking, and alcohol may be your challenge but you actively work to halt these and make your body an abode that resonates with harmony.
  36. Realize that we are all here on this fragile planet called Earth and that if we do not take care of it–or ourselves–we will have nothing in the future. The desire to create a planet as a haven and a new Garden of Eden is a quiet driving force within your heart and spirit.

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