Finding Your Safe Place

by Eileen Nauman
Copyright 2005-2011. All Rights Reserved.

  1. Close your eyes.
  2. Take three deep breaths–in the nose and out the mouth. Take the breath as deep into your abdomen as you can. Do these slowly.
  3. Visualize a set of silver tree roots winding gently around your ankles several times and then the tip of them moving down through your foot and several hundred meters into Mother Earth.
  4. Picture a tree with a hole in it. This hole is large enough for you to leap into and dive down, head first, toward the bottom of the tree. At the count of three, you will find yourself going through this hole in the tree. One….two….three…..
  5. You are now in the tree. Feel the warmth and support of it around your body. You are now going to move, head first, hands out in front of you, like a diver, and move toward the bottom of the tree. At the count of three, you will find yourself moving down the tree. One….two….three…..
  6. It is dark, warm and supportive around you. It is dark ahead of you. Move now into one of the large roots of the tree. Any will do. At the count of three, you will find yourself going down into a large tree root. One….two….three…..
  7. It is dark. Continue to follow, in a downward course, through this tree root. No matter how small it gets, you will be able to reduce in size and continue to move forward. As you move more deeply into the tree root, you will see a dim light way ahead of you. Move toward this light.
  8. Continue to move through the dark tree root. Sometimes it may twist or turn, but that’s okay. It will always be moving in a downward direction. The light is brighter now, as you approach it. Continue to move forward, toward the light.
  9. You are now very close to the light. I want you to stand up. In front of you is a door. Take a good look at this door and memorize it. This is the door to your safe place. At the count of three, you will find yourself going through this door and into your safe place. Just grip the handle and pull…. One….two….three…..
  10. Once you are inside the door, I want you to close it firmly. Now, slowly turn around. I want you first, to look at your feet. What are you wearing? Often, in our safe place, we choose a specific costume that we feel comfortable in. Move your gaze upward from your feet, up your leg to your knees. Then, move upward toward your upper legs, hips and waist. Now, I want you to hold your hands out in front of you. Look at them. Are you wearing anything on your hands? If so, memorize this, too. Now, I want you to look up….up and around your safe place.
  11. Your safe place is special, for you. Look at the ground. Look around you. Do you see grass? Trees? Flowers? Or are you in a building of some sort? If you are in a building, look closely at what is in it. Where are the windows? What do you see out of them? If you are in a meadow, look around. What do you see? Then, look up, at the sky. Are their clouds in it or not?
  12. I want you to feel the warmth of the temperature around you. Is there a breeze blowing? Do you feel the sun warm on your skin? Once you have looked around and are comfortable, I want you to call your CHIEF GUIDE to you.
  13. This is one of your guides who is in spirit form, who is your guardian and loves you. I want you to call out: “Chief guide of mine, come to me!” Do this and wait. The CG (chief guide) may come and you will feel her or him, but not see them. This is okay. Or, the guide may come as an insect, reptile, bird, fish or animal. Whatever comes to you is okay. Wait a minute see if the guide appears or you feel her or him.
  14. If the guide does not come, call again: “Chief guide of mine, come to me!” Wait another minute.
  15. If the CG does not come, call again, a third time: “Chief guide of mine, come to me!” Wait another minute.
  16. When the CG comes, the first thing you do is ASK HIS/HER/ITS NAME . “What is your name?” They must give it to you right away. If they do not, send them away and start the call for your Chief Spirit guide all over again.
  17. When the guide gives you her or his name, ask: “What will do you for me?” You must be satisfied with whatever answer they give you. If they promise you wealth, power, etc.–wrong guide–get rid of them and start the process again by calling out for your Chief Guide. A good answer would be: “I will help you become more in balance” or something that is about taking you toward health in a spiritual sense.
  18. When you are satisfied, ask the guide, “Do you have a message for me?”
  19. Listen carefully. If you have questions, ask the CG. If you are sick, ask for a healing. Also ask what you can do to help heal yourself. Ask only for yourself on this journey–do NOT ask for a healing for anyone else but YOU. The CG is there to assist you in any way that she or he can.
  20. When you are done communicating with your CG, thank them for coming. Find out how often you should come to your SP (safe place) and work with the CG. I’m sure you will want to hug them as they will want to hug you good-bye until you return again, to your safe place.
  21. Walk back to the door you came through. Open it, turn around and close it. You will now dive upward, moving forward through the root At the count of three, you will find yourself going through the root of the tree. One….two….three…..
  22. It will get darker and darker. Again, you will find yourself supported and warm as you move upward. You may twist and turn as you go toward the tree, but this is all right. Continue upward.
  23. When you arrive at the bottom of the tree, stand up. You will now be in the center of the tree’s trunk. As you look up, you will see the hole that you are to climb up to, and move through. At the count of three, you will find yourself going through the hole of in the tree. As you do, you will leap down and be on solid ground, outside the tree once more. One….two….three…..
  24. I want you to rest a moment. Keep your eyes closed and feel the heavy weight returning to your body. This is a nice, warm feeling. Very comforting. I want you to take three deep breaths, in the nose and out the mouth.
  25. After you have done that, slowly open your eyes. Wriggle your toes slowly. Wriggle your hands a little. Get used to be being back in the here and now. Once you feel like it, sit up. You might be a bit dizzy, so just sit there and relax. This may take five minutes or so. In the meantime, you should have your journal nearby to write down what you saw, heard and listened to. END OF JOURNEY.