Cornmeal Protocol For Protection

By Eileen Nauman
Copyright 2005-2011. All Rights Reserved.

Cornmeal Protocol
Frequently Asked Questions About Protocol

Here’s a way to PROTECT yourself and your property from the coming Hurricane. We medicine people have used this many times before with great success. Mary Buckner, one of our shamanic facilitators, was literally at the ‘x’ point and had FOUR hurricanes hit where she lived in Florida–and they had NO damage. They were spared every time. Here’s the protocol she followed:


  1. Go to the grocery store and buy some yellow granular CORNMEAL. Get enough to sprinkle a yellow line (it can be broken, it doesn’t have to be continuous). Demarcate your land that you want PROTECTED from the Thunder Beings, who move the hurricane force winds and direct where the water will go.
  2. Ground yourself–see silver tree roots gently entwining around your ankles and going down through the center of your foot at least 100 to 200 feet into Mother Earth.
  3. Then, go to one point on your property where you want to begin to sprinkle the trail of yellow cornmeal. Stop, close your eyes, pray to the Thunder Beings and ask them to protect you, your animals and your property from their wind and rain. Ask them humbly and beseechingly. Add at the end of your request, say, “thy will be done,” and then quickly sprinkle the cornmeal. Go CLOCKWISE around your property. And miss nothing that you want protected. Any dwellings on the land will be protected by the cornmeal circle or square or whatever the shape of your property, so you do NOT have to do it on every building or thing. The larger property cornmeal will be enough.
  4. Continue in a CLOCKWISE direction sprinkling the cornmeal down–it should look like a thin yellow path–don’t skimp–but you don’t need buckets of it either. Spread quickly and thoroughly and come back and CONNECT/CLOSE this perimeter of cornmeal to itself. In other words, where you began is where you end and be sure to sprinkle enough cornmeal on that beginning/ending spot (a small heap is good).

Then, you’re done.

Then, wait it out.

You see, the Thunderbeings recognize cornmeal and tobacco–they see it as colors psychically. When they see these patches/squares/rectangles or circles, they avoid them because they are sacred and they will, quite literally, MOVE the clouds/wind/rain around those areas or stand there and protect each one until the weather has passed the area.

Pay attention to what happens. You’ll all be safe and fine.

Those who have been STRUCK by lightning (a sign of initation by the Thunder Beings or Storm Medicine) WILL be protected no matter what because that person is now one of their own kind.

So, often a person like this can go and help many others by spreading cornmeal along their individual property lines, if asked. It’s powerful.


For anyone living in the Southern Hemisphere [Below the Equator]:

  1. Get your box of yellow cornmeal–any color will do, however.
  2. Find where north, south, east and west is in relation to where you want to spread the cornmeal.
  3. Go COUNTER-clockwise.
  4. Start with the NORTH direction, walk counterclockwise to the WEST, then to the SOUTH, to the EAST and complete and connect your circle back up to the NORTH.
  5. As you sprinkle your cornmeal, ask the Thunder Beings (if a Hurricane/Tropical storm/Monsoon area) to protect your property from their wind and rain. If an earthquake area, ask Mother Earth to protect your property from her shaking and trembling. If a fire, ask the Fire spirits to AVOID burning your property and home. When you have completed that circle/square or whatever the shape, thank the Great Spirit.

So, here you go! Use the info. Be safe.

CORNMEAL Q & A additions to original article:


Thank you for taking the time to detail the specifics, [for those who live in the Southern Hemispheres] Eileen.

Another question… just so I’m really clear on what to do… Is North the equivalent of South down here, or do we keep it at North?

North feels better, but other workings are done starting in the South.

This is the first place I’ve lived in where I can actually walk the perimeter of the land and I want to get it right.

ANSWER: There is only ONE North on our planet. There is only ONE south. One east. And one West.

So no, south is not the equivalent of north. Please get a compass or a person who knows his/her 4 major directions to point them out to you if you are unable.

QUESTION: I ask, why would this be, what is the reason for the swap of south to north [for those in the southern hemisphere]?

I am not upside down ( but maybe inside out… not always sure about this)

North is still North.

My left brain is still left.

My chakras are in the same place as in the North.

It is still about Mother Earth as the center.

If we look at the North and South as mirror images, and we start swirling an energy that has for eons been going one way, would I not then need to swap the feminine/masculine attributes in a medicine wheel too?

ANSWER: You’re absolutely right. I just answered this as you will see the post shortly.

QUESTION: What do we do when we live north or south of the equator? What if we live ON the equator? How do we figure this all out?

ANSWER: It’s easy. If you live north of the equator, you are north. If you live south of the equator, you are in the south.

If you live ON the equator then all the major directions are the same. As for clockwise or counterclockwise if you aren’t sure: run some water into your sink and see WHICH WAY it swirls and then you’ll know what to do.

We don’t need to get over logical about all this or rationalize. Just fill the sink with water and watch it go down.

QUESTION: Ah but to be sure, Eileen, this is not necessarily true. I have filled my sink with water and watched it go down. It varies with the sink! (And if you will forgive my logic here, science can confirm this.) In most cases it goes down clockwise here. I have been checking this out for years. When I was in the Northern hemishere, I checked it too.

ANSWER: Which ever way your water goes in the sink WHERE YOU LIVE–that is what you go by. Keep it simple.

QUESTION: I ask this because I have for years been going ESWN and that feels good

to me under ordinary/normal circumstances. Only if I want the energy to be indrawing or letting go would I have gone counterclockwise. And this is purely on how I have felt over the years and my sense may not be in that case rational, but what feels right.

COMMENT: If people want to make something simple, complex, okay by me. I’m giving you my best answer. Do what you want the way you want. People should always listen to their intuition anyway. So, go with that you feel. It will work for you the way that it feels to you. End of story…

QUESTION: As I am reading this about the laying of the cornmeal, I was wondering if I can do that here where I live in New Hampshire in the fall to ward off any Nor’easters we might get this winter? Can you do it once and then have the intent to protect your property forever or do you have to do it each time?

ANSWER: Ideally, it should be done FOUR times a year. The circle (or whatever the shape) should be re-walked, re-prayed for, re-created by hand, by you on each equinox and solstice. Those are Mom Earth’s ‘birthday’ days, if you will, and you are working in concert and relationship/connection with her. So, for example, the Fall Equinox for USA is September 22nd. Those in other parts of the world (International Date Line and/or Southern Hemisphere/Time Zones) may have the date other than this one.

QUESTION: How would one go about performing this ritual if they lived in an apartment in a large complex (consisting of several large multiple-family units scattered over several acres)? I am thinking of my daughter here, who just recently moved into such an apartment.

She’s been pretty willing to perform some of the rituals you’ve recommended over the years (even asked me to supply her with instructions and materials for cleansing the apartment prior to her moving in), but I do believe she would balk at laying out a circle around the entire complex, or even the building her apartment is in (she would have a difficult time concentrating in order to even do it properly due to the distraction of self-consciousness of the attention she would attract in a very conservative area). So, how

would one go about protecting a personal space that is embedded like this?

ANSWER: Well, you either believe or you don’t. You either lay the cornmeal or you don’t. Frankly, self consciousness in the face of a hurricane would be last on my list and it should be with anyone who is SERIOUS about this. If that stops them from doing it, then it

isn’t going work anyway.

I don’t know how big the apartment building is. It may be impossible to go around it. However, you can take small zip lock bags and put cornmeal in each of the 4 major directions in your apartment. That way, the cornmeal is ‘down’ but bugs won’t get to it–safe within the plastic bag. Lay one cornmeal bag against each of the 4 major directions of walls of the apartment building. Start in the north and work clockwise (east next, then south, then west and finally complete the circle coming back to the north).

You can hang them up on the wall, too, with a tack. But the 4 major directions are a MUST. Your daughter must not screw this up. Women are notorious for not knowing directions so she needs to get someone who can show her the major directions or she needs to get a compass (which is a joke, too, because a lot of women cannot or don’t know HOW to read a compass, either).

QUESTION: …Just thinking… What does one do in areas where the problem can be

earthquake, or floods from heavy rains and swollen rivers, or any of the “other” disasters?

ANSWER: Great question! You can put cornmeal around your property and just pray to the Great Spirit (or whomever you believe in) and ask them to honor this area as sacred and keep you safe and secure.

QUESTION: Also we have some young men (20’s) that have access to lots of guns of various sorts. They live in our midst and use drugs and shoot their guns off at various times day & night. The law is aware of them as each of them has been locked up at one time or another. But… it would take the law some time to get out here to us. There are about 20 of us on this road and we are all aware of these boys. We all have guns because of being ‘out’ here…. but could I use cornmeal for protection in this case? I understand to use it at the Solstice 4 times a year. And what ‘GOD’ do I pray to for in this instance?

ANSWER: In this instance, this is a NEW question so I’ll answer it. You can put a cornmeal circle around your property with ANY and ALL requests. People put down a cornmeal circle to PROTECT themselves. To be SECURE. To be SAFE. THAT is the function of the cornmeal boundary. You would simply ask Mother Earth and the local spirits to protect you and your family/property from druggies.


Mary Buckner, one of my shamanic facilitators, was in the “X” area in Florida with her home last year–hit 4 times–4 cornmeal circles–no damage and yet, horrendous damage around her.

I think the following testimonial speaks for itself. I hope everyone has, in their ’emergency supplies,’ a box of yellow cornmeal.

Hi Eileen and everyone in hurricane-cyclone-tornado country,

Allow me to report a testimonial for how well the cornmeal circle works in hurricane season. This story comes from my friend, Beverly, who has a house in Cape Coral, FLA.

Two years ago I gave her a printout of your cornmeal ritual to protect properties. She used it in late spring 2004, just before leaving Florida for the season. She wanted to protect the house in their absence.

Some of the neighbors saw what she was doing, asked questions, and then chuckled indulgently at her straightforward explanation. She took a real ribbing, but she went ahead and completed the circle with reverence.

The big storm of that season hit Cape Coral hard. Their neighborhood sustained a lot of damage. The neighbors on each side had heavy damage, and it STILL isn’t repaired. Beverly’s house stood like a rock, totally untouched.

She just found that email I had photocopied to her, and hastened to talk about it. She is profoundly impressed, especially since she has begun to enter a spiritual path. Needless to say, she’s laying in a supply of cornmeal, to which she will now add tobacco.