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by Janis Page
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I wanted to write about time, but I’d like to go a bit further with Poseidon, if I may… been observing the list (in fast-forward) and life. We’ve noted themes of light, brightness, shining, luminosity, clarity, truth, windows, and mirrors – all terms and descriptors for Poseidon. We’ve also talked about spirals and vortexes, guys = guise or appearances. I think I’d add kaleidoscopes to the list. There are the raw chips in the kaleidoscope, and with tricks of light and mirrors, those random chips appear to make the most beautiful, complex, and symmetrical designs. As we hand the kaleidoscope to our friend, a few of those chips fall, and a new pattern is created. What they see is a little different from what we see…

I’m going to run a few spirals and toss a few chips on the mirror here, with a few ideas as presented in ‘What the Bleep’ (WTB) and from Dzogchen.

First, about time. We generally function in time, where there are so many Things To Do. But we can also be in timeless awareness, where there is space and creativity, and where there is spontaneous presence. Most if not all of us naturally get out of our way enough to be in timeless awareness from time to time (!), tho we usually fall into it accidentally. That state can be cultivated tho, and eventually lived in, even as we go about our day. This ‘quickening’ is interesting… there is the dynamic like an ice skater whose spin accelerates as she brings her limbs in closer to her body. Conversely, there is the dynamic like the spinning discs in some amusement parks. The closer to the center you sit, the slower the momentum, and the farther out from the center, the faster the rotation and the greater the centrifugal force. Good idea to stay at center as the seeming momentum is faster and faster. It does feel that there is a greatly increasing quickening and compression, tho we can have space and comfort within it.

From my notes in an equinox meditation Sunday: It seems that part of what is happening is that the “connective tissue” or “glue” that has been keeping things held in place and cohesive is dissipating, breaking up, so things are coming loose and more back into their essential changeable elements and nature. It’s a natural process – Hades – that is both a breakdown of old structures and constructs, and allows new potentiality. “Space” is moving from being unnoticed assumed background into the all-pervading ground of being that it is. I have been noticing that people are also being ‘stripped back’ to being more of their essential nature. It also seems that there is much more ‘leakage’ and interdimensional crossing. I’m seeing more people who do not seem to be human.

WTB was a brilliant film on many levels, many arcs of the spiral. One of the main things, I think, is how it was presented in such a way that the movie itself is almost a Rorschach inkblot for perception and understanding. It explained so well from several different approaches how very much our perceptions are conditioned and limited, and how those habituated and conditioned limitations shape not only our perceptions but our experiences. Accordingly, different people came away with very different experiences of the movie. What I saw was a brilliant explanation and illustration thru the lens of quantum physics of two core Tibetan Buddhist/Dzogchen principles: emptiness and unlimited primordial potentiality. The emptiness was explained by showing how there is nothing real, nothing solid, even the atom of molecules is essentially space, nothing – no thing – really ‘real’, but all is there in potentiality. Remember Fred Alan Wolf saying, “There is no out there out there!” While everything is real, nothing is real.

The primordial potentiality was also shown in the scenes with that adorable black boy on his basketball court, as he showed Amanda everything from how all potentiality is there, until we focus on something, which constellates that thing into seeming being. He also showed her a bit about time travel. Now most of the other people I saw the movie with in my several viewings of it didn’t get that at all from it! What they walked away with was a reflection of their awareness, tho I think it’s fair to say that nearly everyone I talked to about the movie learned and grew thru it. I’ve enjoyed asking people for their ‘book report format’ review of it… what was the part you liked the best? what was the part you liked the least? would you recommend it to others? The variance and range in answers is fascinating. (if I were masochistic, I’d suggest we write in our answers here!)

Ok, there is essentially one all-pervasive energy. Sometimes it appears to be outside of us, like a crystal prism that throws a rainbow across the room onto the wall. The rainbow appears to be very real, and that it is located on the wall, when in fact what is happening is an expression of the nature of the crystal. Sometimes the energy appears to be inside us, as with our visualizations, etc. This is like a crystal ball placed on a red cloth – it will appear that the crystal ball is red throughout, when in fact it isn’t, it’s clear. The foundational energy is like the mirror, which reflects anything and everything, and we are very busy examining and analyzing everything that is reflecting in that mirror. We do bring our obscurations to the mirror – it can take a bit of work to purify for clarity, tho the clarity is really always there, as that is the nature of the mirror. Here we’ve got the ones digging the well to find the Moon that is merely reflected in the water that Wendy told us about. What if instead of looking at all that is reflected we consider the mirror itself? That is looking at our mind, or our nature of mind. We cannot control the outside world, but if when we have an experience, we examine our inner experience – what is it in us that is having that angry reaction?? Who is observing all this? It all disappears into no-thingness, into being. Looking at the mirror instead of what is reflected in it is very much like Plato’s cave, where we are all examining and analyzing the shapes of the shadows on the wall rather than turning to see the Sun.

What we perceive and experience is determined by three factors: our karma or karmic vision, our condition, and our capacity. The good news is that we can work with and develop all those things. But we err when we expect that everyone else should be having the same perceptions and beliefs that we are, and that of course, ours are “right” and “objective”. Having a grasp of this opens up a great deal of compassion and understanding, always a good thing! Truly tho, none of us experiences or perceives the same as the next person, tho we do make the effort to get consensual validation! That’s one reason why it’s fascinating to study different cultures – we’ve named the Mayan, Australian aborigines, and the Moken as cultures who do not conceptualize time in the same way that we do. That can help us loosen our tight grasp on our conditioning.

Energy/appearance spins and spirals, like a multitude of overlapping waves and ripples… want to look at the outer world? Ok! There is indeed a strong argument that there is definitely a major and even potentially deadly split happening, an alienating polarization in people. Bushco and ‘that side’ being dark and deadly? Far beyond two stolen elections enabled and covered up by a co-dependent, it’s actually *far* worse than most of us even start to imagine. The roots start long ago, and where it appears to be headed is chilling. And no, we don’t need to go there. From “here” it looks like a collective psychosis spreading. From the ‘other side’, the perceptions and accusations are as bad. But take a step back from engaging in it all, and it’s just more rainbows thrown on a wall, more manifestation of the basic vibrant primordial energy, and there is nothing to judge. (not so easy, is it?) There is a case that all it just as it needs to be, and/or that it’s all being dreamt up by the collective. Just as our dreams appear so real while we are dreaming, and we are often to awaken to find that it was ‘just a dream’, so too this display of ornaments of energy seeming to manifest as something ‘real’ that we experience as life is also a dream on another level, that we will also awaken from. Everything is real, and nothing is real. And it’s all the same!

As for the inner world, I’ve had enough experiences myself, such as seeing two Moons, having energy forms of all the planets absorb within me, seeing clouds three days in a row that are in detail flying pigs and another in detail of a pissing satyr, and what I saw and heard during a silent dark retreat, plus the notebooks full of meditation notes that I respect and see the value of such inner world experiences (some of which definitely appear to be in the outer world), while also seeing it as nothing of substance or meaning to be attached to. A crystal ball on a red cloth… Real and not real.

Let’s go back to Poseidon… Poseidon also relates to propaganda and media, including censorship and media manipulation. These too are an expression of psychic imagery, which seems to be the main realm of Poseidon. Poseidon has been in a very hard 135 degree sesqui-square aspect with Hades for a very long time now, and they will be continuing that dance for a while longer. This manifests as the destructive side we are seeing in media control, suppression and propaganda, and also in extremism in religion around the world. Now it’s further amplified by the longstanding opposition Hades has from Pluto. Not many are aware at how much media doesn’t just influence but actively shapes public opinion. Wendy is spot on in her model of corporations as a devouring cancer. People are so conditioned to blind and addictive consumerism thru manipulation of their insecurity – there is the shallowness some of you are seeing in others. Very few know that in the US, a strong majority of the people, something like 65% are far *to the left* of the *Democratic* party on the issues. The corporations own the major news venues, and they own both parties, as it’s only the corporations that have enough money to give to the candidates to run elections, strings attached. That reality is out there. But it’s all just more rainbows on the wall…

Yes, it will be interesting to see what happens with the upcoming lunar eclipse on April 24 at 4 Scorpio 20 which will conjunct Poseidon at 6 Scorpio 53 Rx. More spirals and fractals… it will impact placements at around 4 degrees of fixed signs, and it’s ok to stop at that, but triggering on the 45 degree dial (a change from the 90) also by resonance placements at 15 fixed, 0 and 23 cardinal, 8 and 19 mutable. That way everyone should get to play…

But still! it is just more rainbows thrown on the wall… it also brings us to a place of great heart-centered compassion and understanding, and as we are all connected, compassion is a very good thing…


“in the experience of yogins who do not perceive things dualistically, the fact that things manifest without truly existing is so amazing, they burst out in laughter” –Longchenpa. (from The Choying Dzod)


I’m not sure if any of this makes any sense, but it seemed worth a try… but it’s all done with mirrors!

In light,
Janis – looking at the mirror, not just the images that dance across it.

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