A Crack in the Cosmic Egg: A Commentary and Elaboration

by Eileen Nauman
Copyright 2005-2011. All Rights Reserved.

I’ve been accused, by some who only want to hear ‘good stuff,’ of fear mongering and spreading fear by writing my article, A CRACK IN THE COSMIC EGG. Nothing could be further from my intention of writing it.

Let me boil down the coming chaos that is headed for us at juggernaut speed:

It is about FAITH.

It is about an initiation. Please see my article on initiation.

It is a test.

If we can look at the macrocosm; as if we were standing very high and watching all these disasters such as 9/11, the Indonesian earthquake and tsunami and now, Hurricane Katrina, we see the terrible suffering of thousands upon thousands of people.

For those in it; it’s a horrendous test of magnified proportions. My heart, my deepest compassion and prayers (and anything else I can do as a human to help) are with them.

I believe in reincarnation. I believe we choose a ‘map’ in which we live our lives in order to educate ourselves, pay back others (karma), receive Grace (dharma) and develop continued spiritual strength and endurance.

The last is equally important, but most people don’t realize or understand this. And some plain don’t accept it–so stop reading this article. These comments are for people who do believe as I do–plain and simple.

Because we want to get back to God /Great Spirit (or whomever you believe in), in perfect Oneness once again, we have split ourselves into a duality, i.e., male or female, in this 3rd dimensional world of ours. Lifetime after lifetime. In order to get back into that loving Oneness we must WORK to develop our spiritual muscle and, more than anything else, our HEART. We must develop compassion for others. We must have physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strength to survive the worst of times in order to grow, mature and deepen our spiritual connections with God, ourselves and others.

You see, there is no separation. Not really. The Native Americans realize this when they say: “All my Relations.” That means we’re all in this boat called Mother Earth together.

What we do to others, we are doing to ourselves.

What we do to ourselves, plays out with others.

Even dogs know better than to poop in their own backyard. And yet, that’s exactly what the humans have done here to Earth. They have pooped in it, disrespected it by fouling the air, poisoning the ground water and spread chemicals over the soil. We have poisoned ourselves and now, it’s becoming widely realized. We have even created a Greenhouse Effect with our cars. Dogs have more sense than humans.

But now, there is going to be the start of a massive, global cleansing. It started in 2001 and it will last roughly through 2012 or 2013. And we’re all in this boat together. There’s no way to bail out or say ‘time out’ or run away. We are stuck. For the duration.

The only question then becomes: How to survive this period?

It won’t be easy, but the answers are clear to me for myself. Whether you want to agree with them or not is your choice and I’m not out to twist arms. Every person has a choice for the path they want to take on this ride into Chaos.


First, there is the matter of our heart. I don’t mean physically, I mean our emotions, our feelings. You see, it’s not enough to say, “Oh, I love everyone. I love my fellow person.” Really? There is a huge difference between pity, sympathy and compassion. Some are learning that pity is not healthy. Others are learning sympathy isn’t all it’s cracked up to be either. The Baby Boomer generation with Pluto in Leo is learning to come from the heart and develop compassion this lifetime. Well, we will all get tested on this premise and our contract before we came into this life with this body, as never before. The true TEST of your heart is when you are under tremendous stress and pressure–unending it seems–and then, how do you treat others? Do you still have a sense of awareness outside yourself even in the worst times of your life? Or have you closed up and become narcissistic and selfish; never once thinking of anything but what you need or want?

Those who are the latter, will have an opportunity to develop this ability to care or treat others kindly, with compassion or care even in their worst times they must bear.

Those who are striving to remain in the heart will be tested too. You will come across and draw a situation where you MUST put what you believe into DAILY, constant action–and MEAN IT. You will slip, you will fall, you will succeed–minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day. The key here is no matter what you are going through you MUST be aware of others, be kind, be thoughtful, and be there as much as you can for them.(Understand, of course, you must have healthy boundaries and know when to care first, for yourself. I am NOT talking about give-give-giver type of person who is codependent and doesn’t know when to stop giving– they literally give themselves away and injure their own spirit, not to mention, their mind/emotions and eventually, their body.)


I hear people say all the time, “Oh, of course I have faith!” Really? Indeed. Faith is not a convenient thing that you go to a church once a week and TALK about. Faith comes from a wellspring of a person’s soul and their integration of their heart mixed in with it to create a faith that operates 24/7/365. It is NOT about once every seven days. It IS about practicing your faith every day. It does not matter WHO you believe in. This is far more reaching cosmically than trying to contain it into a ‘religion.’

This is a matter of spirit linked to your soul. Every life we live, we try to develop our faith in God/Great Spirit (or whomever you believe in). Faith should kick in during the gravest moments, the worst crises we experience in our lives; whether it happens in minutes or crawls by for years burdening you endlessly.

When things get tough, the tough get going. But they make it because they have FAITH engaged like a 5th gear in a car–within themselves. It automatically (as we are being beaten down to our knees) kicks in, surges through us, helps us regain our center and helps us stand up to bear the burden we’ve drawn to us.

Faith is about surrendering over to a high power and handing yourself to God/Great Spirit (or whomever you believe in) in the process. When you are tired of trying to carry the load yourself you don’t give up. You give IN and hand OVER to that loving power who will then, carry you for the rest of the time. It’s tough to do. You will waiver and wobble back and forth–give and then take back. But at some point, everything is just too overwhelming and you either break or if you’re smart, you say, “Okay, God/Great Spirit, I’m yours! Here, take my load. I can’t do it alone. I need your help. Your support. Your love.”

THAT is the faith I’m talking about. And in this time of Chaos, your faith will be challenged. We will all be beaten down to our knees either spiritually, mentally, emotionally or physically. For some, it will hit on two of these four levels. For others, three of the four. And for a lucky group, they will have to bear tests on all four levels–at once. And what will you do? How will you handle this? Juggle it? If you’re wise, you will hand it all over to God/Great Spirit. Then, you will survive it.

YOUR WALK IS YOUR TALK–You will be tested on this…

I hear people speaking of belief and faith all the time. Some are saying their way of believing is the ONLY way. This is wrong. This Earth has enough room for everyone’s belief system and how they want to practice it (so long as it is peaceful and not like the terrorists).

Whatever you believe–you will be tested on this.

Will you be all talk and no action?

Will your actions match what you believe?

And therein lies the seeds of the test we will get. If your walk is NOT your talk, then the test will be especially powerful and tough.

If your walk IS your talk, you will be tested down to the gum-stumps of your spirit to make sure it is.

Either way, there is no let up in this. There will be moments of relief interspersed with powerful lessons and demands upon each of us. How will we react? Will we demonstrate DAILY and in SMALL WAYS what we believe? Or will it all go to hell in a hand basket and you become a rioter? A looter? A survivalist who will kill another human being to get food? What will you do?

I believe Hurricane Katrina is a fine example of humans being put to some of the hardest testing we’ve ever seen in our lifetime. Yet, the two million Africans in Rwanda were slaughtered and we didn’t care. What is WRONG with this picture? It shows us as being prejudiced, narcissistic and racially divided.

Hurricane Katrina has brought out the saintliness of people who walk their talk, demonstrate their faith daily and who have compassion.

It has also brought out the worst in those who have chosen the other path.

This time of Chaos is about all of this. If it seems to be overwhelming or too much then it’s time you practice your faith.

If you don’t think you can walk your talk, then this is where your test will come from.

If you are selfish, greedy, inconsiderate, a bully, a taker, then you will get your lessons about heart issues and compassion.

For those who have read the Bible, I encourage you to read about Job in the old Testament. THAT is what we’re going to go through.

Are you prepared?

You can be. And you cannot only survive this period, but afterward, flourish and grow in spirit, heart and faith as never before. Make no mistake, this is an INITIATION for the planet and all those who are currently on Mother Earth.

We are never given more than we can carry.

We can ask for help.

We will receive it.

Remain open and you will receive what you need.