Broom Snakeweed Testimonials



I am looking for suggestions regarding one of our cats, Moreko. She is in a very fearful state most of the time. She cowers when you go to pet her, but is better when it’s her idea to come to you. She is very verbal and will meow to get our attention, but wails like you’re beating her if you pick her up or put your hand on her unexpectedly. She is very skittish, and slinks around the house and is startled by anything unknown. When she wants to go outside she creeps around the outside of the room, and then makes a dash for the door in the last 5 feet. She is fixated on having her butt patted, and once you start she will follow you around the house meowing for more and raising her rear end in the air.

We live in a remote area and recently she and her sister found a mouse nest close to the house. She has been in an obsessive/compulsive state about catching mice ever since then. I herded all the mice away and filled the hole, but she still searches the yard continuously as soon as the sun goes down. She comes in for 10-20 minutes, and then she’s back out the door. She was going through periods of bringing dead mice in to us daily, until recently I bought a collar w/ a bell on it for her. She still finds a way to catch a mouse and leave it for us at least once a week.

When she gets into my lap or my wife’s lap at night, she will knead for 3 to 5 minutes before settling down, she will generally only stay for a short while and then slinks back outside. If for some reason we take her off of our lap, she acts very offended and sits nervously perched on the edge of the chair until we soothe her.

She eats sparsely, and will flee if she senses any motion in the area. I generally need to bring food to her in the morning to get her interested. At night she’ll dash in her kitty door, eat a few bites and then dash back outside. She becomes much more social and relaxed when we smudge the house and her w/ sage, but that only last for a few days, maybe a week maximum. I know all the people who have cared for her previously, and they are all very warm loving people. I have no reason, other than her behavior, to believe that she has been beaten. Her sister, Bonsai, from the same litter, lives with us as well, and has been cared for by the same people. Bonsai is very stable and outgoing and playful. Both cats are about 13 years old, but look and act like they’re no older than 5 years old. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you.



Date: Tues, 6 Apr 1999 18:58:13 EDT

Aloha Everyone,

In early February, I requested recommendations for our skittish timid cat “Moreko”. She was exhibiting intense irrational fear, and some obsessive/compulsive tendencies. Eileen suggested giving her a 4 drop daily dose of the flower essence “Broom Snakeweed”. I also did a short run of two weeks with a 30C “Courage” paper remedy attached to her collar. Getting her to take the essence in the beginning was a real challenge, as she was eating so erratically. Giving her drops directly was a huge issue for her that seemed to further aggravate her paranoia. We finally got into an afternoon dish of milk routine that she would accept.

She has been on this program for two months now, and her personality has transformed remarkably. She is eating much more consistently, and will even come into the kitchen and meow for something that smells good to her. She has put on some much needed weight. She still requires that I carry her to the dish for her morning feeding, but now her ears perk up as soon as I start preparing the food.

Moreko is still very verbal, and now follows my wife or I around the house jumping up on anything in sight in hopes of getting some love. She still craves attention to her back side, but is much more satisfied than before with face and shoulder scratches. At night she is relaxed, and will settle into my lap for hours, only going outside occasionally.

I still look forward to perhaps working with an animal communicator, as Tiffani suggested, but I am very pleased with her progress to date. I am grateful (and so is Moreko!) to Eileen and everyone who made suggestions.

Lots of Aloha,



Date: Fri, 16 Apr 1999 07:39:32 -0400
Subject: they work great!

Hi Eileen,

I got the Aconite and Snakeweed the other day in the mail and I was so excited. Did not need it right away but when I felt the anxiety trying to sneak in yesterday and the fear start up I broke them open and within 15 min it was diminished. I took 2 more doses yesterday and I am fine today. Thanks for all you help. I am so happy I found you and the medicine garden. Have a wonderful day.