Bellis Perennis Flower Essence: Stage 1 and 2 Proving

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STAGE 1 PROVING made by Eileen Nauman 4-16-95:

This is Bellis Perennis which grows at La Casa de Madre Tierra (the house of Mother Earth) and the plant with which Eileen worked and made the original flower essence from in 1995. This plant may have white daisy-like flowers, or a moderate pink color to them. This particular plant is pink. The homeopathic version utilizes the white daisy type only. Photo: Eileen Nauman

The Bellis Perennis that grows at La Casa de Madre Tierra is a pinkish-white, and not the standard white that is used for homeopathic purposes. A color photo at the beginning is the plant that was used to make the original flower essence that I used for the Stage 1 proving.

DOCTRINE OF SIGNATURE: The shape of the flower is radial or round. There are many tiny, oval-shaped, slender petals. It appears to be hundreds of them. They are TIGHTLY packed against one another. The enter of the daisy is a bright, large, sunny yellow color. It dominates the plant. Bellis Perennis is an annual. It cannot take a hot, direct sun for long periods of time, and will wither and waste away if it doesn’t have some shade and cooler temperatures (below 80 degrees).

PRIMARY CHAKRA: the color is pink, and this infers the RED of the root chakra is involved, along with the WHITE of the crown. Red + white equals PINK.

FLOWER ATTUNEMENT MESSAGE: Mental field; our thoughts and perceptions are tied to our ability to survive a shock or trauma–especially having to do with heart shocks. It would be good for swelling of tissue of any kind. It’s able to keep a person together in an emergency or crisis (tightly packed petals on flower, the huge sepal which encloses 2/3rds of the petals!). Good for head trauma or shocks (physical, mental, emotional or spiritual). Blood circulation in general would e helped. The sepal is like a “cup”–it holds energy ands tops it from being depleted. Staying grounded and keeping our head during a crisis f any kind.

PATTERNS OF IMBALANCE: Hysteria due to bad news or a traumatic experience. Leaving the body during or after traumatic experience. PTSD symptoms/person can be helped with this flower essence. War victims and survivors–family “war” too (violent, abusive households, spousal abuse, child abuse) Any violent attack or event (in or out of a family) against the person and resulting in their wounding, can be helped.

SYMBOL: This is a protective equality about it. The tightly packed petals to over-sized sepal–a “cup” that holds “things” such as energy to prevent tiredness.

OTHER: This flower was very SLOW and subtle to connect with me to reveal its attributes. I kept getting this sense of protection form it over and over again–feminine energy—quiet, subtle and very low-key and non-disturbing to a person.


PROVER: MJ (male)
Date: 3/27/1997
Name of Remedy: English Daisy (Bellis Perennis)
Primary color: Darkness Black
Chakra(s) influenced by remedy: Brow Chakra
Areas affected in you: Physical, Emotional

Was there: calmness, seriousness, androgynous

Major Emotional Feeling: Lack of feelings and emotions

Major Physical sensation: Quietness like sleep or in the dark

Major Pattern of imbalance that it can address: Someone that is scattered or in SHOCK

Major positive healing pattern: Listening to one’s thoughts –get centered.

Story line: Perfume sour taste– very slow acting –noticed nothing happening. Like the opposite of a headache –Brain front nothing happening, slight notice of stomach (like a swelling) Mental still working in brain, mostly physical nothing, back of neck sensation. Felt as though I was in a large dark place –not on Earth or planet, like I’m suspended somewhere –No emotion, no fear, kind of calm like contained calm ok.

2nd dose — Like I can listen to my mental without interference — centering myself in myself without ANY outside interference. Very slow acting took a long time to reach this stage. After two minute warning?

Breathing became very steady and rhythmic –started to feel whole body COOL DOWN, Brain seems physically more relaxed and the opposite of a headache.

Comments taken by E. NAUMAN, Chief prover:

“MJ” says the essence is SLOW acting. He could feel it receding. There was awareness in “MJ”, he was calm and non-function. His stomach felt like it was swelling and growing–a pregnant feeling.

He said he had the “reverse headache” which means that pressure was REMOVED from inside his brain–this would be good for headaches of this symptom pattern. This sensation began in the front of the brow/forehead.

The rear (posterior) of his neck began hurting. He said it straightened out, then and would be good for neck adjustments or perhaps people with neck injury, tight/tension in their necks or people who had suffered from whiplash in an auto accident (how long ago wouldn’t matter–it could be 20 years ago, or yesterday).

He felt as if he were in a large, dark place where there was no light–the sense of deprivation of his senses was acute (just as people in SHOCK experience the same thing–EN). Lack of emotions and his mental activity felt contained.

Taking a second set of drops, there was a centering of himself without interference from outside influences. He had a suspended kind of feeling–not pleasant, but not unpleasant, either.

His breathing became steady and rhythmic (like in a meditation state or a very calm state of being). He felt his body cool down and shut down. Brain felt relaxed.

PROVER: NG (female)
Date: March 27, 1997
Name of remedy: English daisy (Bellis Perennis)
Primary color: yellow
Chakra: Root Chakra

Areas Affected: Physical and spiritual – concurrently; sexual feeling – not as in being aroused, but in a receptive sense; heightened awareness of surface of skin – not actually sensitive, but a sense of receptivity to sensitivity; at first strongly female, then later androgynous

Other: Image of orchid opening, a yellow flower with reddish edges; Key word – receptive/receptivity in physical and spiritual sense; need to taste remedy with tongue up against roof of mouth; taste of chartreuse liqueur

Major emotional feeling: Receptive but with a sense of slyness, cleverness, getting what one wants through passivity, weakness

Major physical sensation: Increase of capacity for sensation especially of the skin – not sensation itself, but a preliminary stage, as if preparing for sensitivity

Major pattern of imbalance that it can address: Passive-aggressive person; someone who gives too much – the ultimate sun/moon in cancer who depletes themselves for others

Major positive healing pattern: Healing of above; restoring balance of giving/receiving

Natural essence attunement message you received: Receive and you shall give; do not give too much lest you have nothing left for yourself.

Comments taken by E. NAUMAN, Chief prover

It was definitely root chakra and vaginal. Sexual feeling to this essence. Receptivity in physical and spiritual sense–awareness of my skin. This is a female and/or androgynous essence. My emotions were receptive. Receptive emotionally. Cleverness through passivity. Passive. Would be good for aggressive, assaultive, abusive people. This essence could help those who are always giving too much of themselves and they deplete themselves on every level, for others. Giving Vs. receiving. This essence could rebalance this into a more harmonious state between the two.

PROVER: GC (female)
Date: 3/27/1997
Name of Remedy: English Daisy –Bellis Perennis
Primary color: indigo
Chakra(s) influenced by remedy: Crown, Brow, Throat, and Heart

Areas affected in you: Physical, Spiritual

Was there (list appropriate sensations/emotions): Left-sided, upper, energy boost, in-the-body/anchoring, happiness

Other: Just below shoulder blade left side –; pressure, slight watery eyes, fingers on left hand ache, need to throw my shoulders back, expansion in upper chest to top, sensation of energy or being propelled up from midsection. Energy movement down left leg. Slow building. I felt very connected/anchored but amazing amount of energy being propelled up. shoulders back and felt ready for what might happen next.

Major Emotional Feeling:

enjoyable energy flow –; grounding. Enjoyed listening to birds. I felt good about myself.

Major Physical sensation: Sensation of shoulders thrown back and being able to deal with what ever would happen next.

Major Pattern of imbalance that it can address: Ungrounded, unsure, feeling unsafe.

Major positive healing pattern: Grounding and good center of balance, ready to accept what life has given you.

Comments taken by E. NAUMAN, Chief prover

My left hand and fingers began to ache. I moved my shoulders around and back. I had back sensations, external pressure on my back–mid-thoracic (middle of back) and up to my head. It felt like an expansion, an opening up and out. Very enjoyable sensations. Like an energy rush. Very grounding. Put me in my body. Would be good for ungrounded people–spacy people. People who had old or new back injuries.

PROVER: EN (female)
DATE: 3-27-97
CHAKRAS: Navel (1st) and Root (2nd)

AREAS ARE AFFECTED IN YOU? Physical and emotional

WAS THERE: Spinning, both sides, calmness, peacefulness, in-the-body/anchoring, female energy

OTHER: Anxiety, fear felt. Panic reaction. Lightness. Numbness.

MAJOR EMOTIONAL FEELING: Panic/anxiety–would be good for shock.

MAJOR PHYSICAL SENSATION: Pelvic floor/hips/genitalia–energy pooling into this area.

MAJOR PATTER OF IMBALANCE THAT IT CAN ADDRESS: Pregnancy problems, shock, rape/incest issues, menopause, dry vagina/vaginismus/postpartum soreness or problems associated with labor/birthing, episiotomy.

MAJOR POSITIVE HEALING PATTERN: Sense of centeredness. I felt very calm–like being in the eye of a hurricane–felt “safe” no matter what was happening around me.

NATURE ESSENCE ATTUNEMENT MESSAGE YOU RECEIVED: Eye of the storm–all hell is breaking around you but you’re calm and able to act, react.

OTHER: Use like a SHOCK formula–like Rescue Remedy–would be as good as.

STORY: As I took it, it felt light, and had a fruity taste, but it has an antiseptic smell and taste to it on the 2nd go-around.

Felt energy and activity in the pelvic floor of my body. I felt apprehensive. Anxiety felt, like a rush, being real scared of something–but I don’t know of what–just feeling FEAR of some unknown.

I felt the energy move to my nasal area and a lightening up sensation followed. There was an opening up in my chest and feet–waves pulsating sensation. It was left-sided pressure felt on my ribcage/torso region. Energy sweeping up my left side of neck and head. There was pain in the RIGHT side of my vagina. It moved up into the cervix. Sharp, jabbing pain.

Numbness (3) of my tongue and on the roof (hard palate) of my mouth. My root chakra began to spin clockwise. I felt it would be good for labor/birth/postpartum. My hips/pelvic area full of good energy. Peace, I feel very centered and very calm. The sense of balance is here. Balance between my head and emotions. Good for SHOCK. Heart centered energy now. Another sharp, jabbing pain on the right side of my vagina. Upward into the cervix. Apprehension and anxiety reaction are felt once again.

PROVER: RB (female)
DATE: 3-27-97
Flower Essence tested: Bellis Perennis

Slow onset of symptoms to this essence. Her right eye itched. She began to sneeze, and have a runny dose. She saw a human head with a horn coming out of the third eye (brow chakra). Her breath was deep and regular and kept pulsating. She felt and saw her lungs and their branches (bronchi) open up.

Meditation. She wanted to just drift off and not concentrate. Mentally and emotionally there was NOTHING. She felt like she was in a vacuum. Her third eye and brow chakra were strongly activated.

She felt this essence would be good for people who were frantic, out of balance, traumatized or people with COPD–emphysema, asthma, bronchitis or other lung/breathing difficulties.