Pluto and How It Aspects Your Chart

by Grace Verte
Copyright 1998-2005. All Rights Reserved.

Pluto is the planet that adds depth, strength or power, intensity or obsession, will and insight to any planet which it contacts. Pluto is the planet of transformation. Transformation means change, which is a death of something so that a rebirth can take place. It is never easy, but we can learn to direct and guide our inner energies to the highest good for our own growth and for all those around us.

We can use our Plutonian energies to find lost objects, hidden memories, and deeply buried secrets. We can also learn to work with anything underground, such as oil, ducts, subways, and sewers. Nothing is sacred or too disturbing for Plutonian energies to tackle.

If we consider our presence here on Earth as an opportunity for soul growth, then Pluto’s energies are best used by swimming with the current. Wherever Pluto makes an aspect to your chart, that area is intensified. If we allow it, and go with the flow, deep transformation can take place there. We can learn to transform demanding attitudes in ourselves. That is the first law of astrology: to transform self, not others.

Hard aspects with which I will deal here are the conjunction, when the planets are within 8 degrees of each other; the square, when the planets are at a 90 degree angle to each other; the inconjunct, also called a quincunx, when the planets are 150 degrees apart; and the opposition, when the planets are 180 apart. The planets represent the energies that are operating in our lives. The personal planets which I will juxtapose to Pluto here are the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars.


When Pluto conjuncts our Sun your will is intensified and you have strong leadership qualities. Our work will be to learn not to impose our will on that of others. To be open about our motives and our goals, despite the secrecy under which Pluto likes to operate. Other people are not fooled, only our leadership would suffer.

If Pluto conjuncts our Moon it adds power to our emotions. At times, especially when we are young, this can lead to intense feelings, of going overboard with emotional reactions, and therefore being out of control.

If there is anything Pluto hates, it is feeling out of control. Pluto asks us to deal with our control issues in this area of emotions. Emotions are often held too much in check, and we must learn that we can express ourselves calmly and warmly.

This position also often translates into being very hard workers in order to overcome being overcome by emotions. The Moon also rules motherhood, nurturing, and dependencies which may never have been satisfactorily resolved during childhood. Since we didn’t know what to do with these feelings then, we have an opportunity as adults to allow them up to awareness, in order to deal with them now.

When Pluto conjuncts our Mercury the focus is on communication. We may come on too strong, and expect others to abide by our opinions. With this placement we can contact the deep parts of our Self, solve mysteries, and allow into our consciousness what others may commonly sweep or keep under the rug. It is also possible to have strong disagreements and even breakups with our siblings. Thinking in circles or obsessing about a subject or a person is not uncommon. This ability to think deeply about things can be used positively by delving into the esoteric mysteries of life.

When Pluto conjuncts your Venus the intensity is focused on our creativity and our relationships. In the areas of values we need to transform our feelings of self-worth, of possessions and possessiveness into a more relaxed and self-accepting attitude. The power of Pluto is often exercised in love relationships, so that we have the opportunity and the power to resolve them into sharing and tolerance.

When Pluto conjuncts our Mars our power seems doubled. We may be faced with issues of self-assertiveness vs. aggression and deeply buried anger. The sheer force of our will can then cause us to become ruthless because we can so easily overlook everyone in our drive to achieving our ambitions and goals in our life. But our anger and aggressive feelings can be directed into responsible leadership qualities, our fears can be turned into courage and risk taking when needed.


Pluto squaring the Sun signals internal conflict to bring about change in the way we express areas that serve our sense of who we are. The Sun rules the will, the spirit and our individuality. Here the transformation is to allow our true self to come to the surface in order to release any negative attitudes, and to transform inner stress associated with the square to the Sun.

When Pluto squares the Moon we are faced with emotional turmoil beneath the surface, usually held in check by Plutonian will and power. When they erupt, it is like a volcanic force erupting. Here we need to learn to trust ourselves to govern our emotions. We also need to learn to trust others, especially in relationships. We also have an uncanny ability to tune in to mass consciousness with this placement, as the Moon also rules the public when it is ruled by emotions, not reason.

With Pluto squaring Mercury, it challenges our mind to learn to keep an open mind where the opinions of others are concerned – we might even enlarge our own “knowledge” base. The difficulty to be overcome here is to learn to trust our own knowledge, and that of others as well.

Pluto squaring Venus indicates that we are to learn to transform our values, be they material, mental, emotional or spiritual. Holding on to our old ways is out and the path to transforming our sense of self-worth, ideas (ours and theirs), possessions and friends, is through relationships. It is often through a crisis of resentments and jealousies that will come up from our inner turmoil that we get the opportunity for it to be resolved.

Pluto squaring Mars asks us to deal with problems around self-assertiveness, anger, and to learn to control our energies. Others’ energies are usually not a match for our unceasing, goal-oriented energies, and we need to be less demanding of others in our attitudes toward them. To keep all these activities from depleting us, we need to be aware that we need periodic rests.


Pluto inconjunct (qux = symbol in next paragraphs) the Sun. The sun is the source of our vitality. Pluto here causes a disruptive need for ego gratification and/or recognition at all costs. When we bring Plutonian energies to the surface, as in becoming aware of them, we thereby defuse their power and intensity. We can then allow them to play their supportive role in our life.

Pluto qux the Moon describes our habit patterns. Pluto’s best use in this aspect is to learn discernment where our feelings are concerned. While it is necessary to bring our very intense feelings up to our awareness, we then need to find a satisfactory and safe outlet for them. A transformation of our habitual responses to our feelings may be the answer.

With Pluto qux Mercury our thinking abilities are deep, but if used to confuse people with words, and to keep them in awe of our ability to use uncommon words, we are missing our potential. This is a good placement for writing mysteries and for doing research.

When Pluto is qux Venus it often skews our ability to appraise values correctly. We may have a mistaken view of people, such as hidden enemies who pose as friends, or of our own self-worth. We need to learn to let go of possessiveness and jealousy over people and material things.

Pluto qux Mars asks us to learn to adjust our wills so as to allow others their way too, and to use our courage in bringing about inner change in ourselves.


When Pluto opposes our Sun it can goad us into opening up to new visions of ourselves. What we need to transform is our ego, our will, and our stubbornness. Love heals all and Pluto gives us the strength to make these changes. With loving hearts and Plutonian power together we can love ourselves back into our original unity.

With Pluto in opposition to our Moon deep feelings of possessiveness or jealousy will surface, and we are susceptible to great emotional mood swings. Our emotions are deep and difficult to control with this position. Here we can learn to allow ourselves the freedom to feel what we feel, and to allow others the same freedom.

With Pluto opposing Mercury we can be very intolerant to others’ ideas and beliefs. It can bring about a crisis of faith for us. We may project our anger by speaking about things better left unsaid. Or we may intimidate people into avoiding any discussions with us.

We need to learn to rein in the deep and passionate power behind our words, and to tolerate dissension. When Pluto is in opposition to our Venus we need to learn to temper our possessiveness and jealousy, and to check our need to control others, as we also need to learn to not allow anyone to control us. Here we are faced with a transformation of values, physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.

The Pluto Mars opposition gives us the opportunity to learn to interact with others in a harmonious way. With this placement we are very ambitious and intense and goal oriented. This doubled energy of Mars and Pluto can easily turn into stubbornness if we don’t consciously make the effort to listen to or to try out ideas of others.

In all the above ways, Pluto assists us in our self-healing process by reaching issues that are deeply buried. Only by bringing them up to our awareness and embracing our shadow, hard as that may be, can we be healed. Face it, Embrace it, and Erase it.

Love and Light,