Barberry Proving

Copyright 1997 – 2004, Eileen Nauman
All Rights Reserved

When we did a Stage 2 proving (that means we had 5 people who made the essence and then made the mother essence tincture (half water and half brandy) and then took 4 drops under their tongue and then cataloged what they felt or what sensations occurred), on this bush, none of us wanted to do it.

When you look at a Hollygrape bush, it reminds you immediately of mistletoe–only a desert variety instead of its more northern cousin. It is certainly not as pretty as northern holly, but it still has those nasty, leathery leaves with sharp thorns on them to remind it can prick you when it pleases.

We have a number of Hollygrape bushes on La Casa de Madre Tierra. In the Spring, they become a bright yellow color, flooded with thousands of tiny, sunshiny flowers. And the fragrance from them is almost heavenly. The entire area is plunged into this delicate perfumed scent and its wonderful. I’ve often wondered that a bush that looks so dog-ugly and so threatening with its armed arsenal of thorny leaves, had to do and be something unique.

Hollygrape is a thirstless desert denizen. It requires hardly any water year around and survives robustly–even when every other desert plant is dying, or wilting after months without rain, this bush is standing stalwart and tall; as if nothing Mom Nature threw at it, would make it flinch.

It is with this background that I share the Stage 2 proving we did in 1997 on Hollygrape Barberry. You will quickly see “who” it can help as a Natural Essence.


GC, Prover (female)

Name: Grape Holly
Latin Name: Berberis haematocarpa
Date: 3/27/1997
Location: E. Nauman home back of hogan

Time of Day Picked: 1 PM

How long in water: 2 hours

Moon phase / sign / degree: Astrological PhenomenaHale/Bopp comet, 4 days after Lunar Eclipse 3 degrees Libra

Other Phenomena: Cinnamon, the horse, was loose – twice she got a bad fright and bolted back to her house.

Weather Conditions / Temperature: about 75 degrees and variable winds.

Flower Description

1. Petal Colors, Shape, How Many: yellow in small clusters frequently with 5 small flowers in a cluster. Each flower has 6 petals. Appears to be 3 lighter yellow and 3 darker yellow around another petal formation than stands dark yellow upright out of the center. In the center of this is a light yellow/green. Bulbous shape and several fine yellow stems.

This is a bush – (I wrote this at the very last I guess I was anger with this plant for being so ungiving.)

2. Inner Color to Petals: light green/yellow

3. Stem Description: Woody comes up from ground in many branches. I had a sense of the many branches of trunk of this plant had all means of protection.

4. Leaf Description: Elongated serrated with very sharp edges, new leaves soft, older one very ridged. Center vein lighter in color, underside lighter green. I can see lots of veins. Both sides dull in color.

5. Root: When I asked to journey into root reply was a “why bother” you’ve got ll the input I’m gonna give.

Flower Attunement

Message: Primary Chakra BC–brow chakra and Throat Chakra–throat chakra
I say BC because I felt all my creativity ability was shut down.

Patterns of Imbalance that it can address: Not wanting to speak up. No creative ability wanting to be left alone. Boundaries – but no communications. Depressed state.

Symbols: I feel a real lack of dialogue. A guarded ability. The horse was frightened twice and took off on a dead run. Felt as if I had to look through something. Male energy.

Positive Healing Patterns: Hopefully give the ability to speak up. Seems to have fear issues. Feeling unloved not being able to create love.

Essence Water Description

Tasted Like: going sour/spoiled milk

Affected me physically ? Where? Sensations: I can’t get words to describe smell again lack of creativity. I really just did not want to have a conversation with such a pissed plant. I wanted to call it a day.

NG, PROVER (female)

Name: Hollygrape/Barberry
Latin name: Berberis haematocarpa

“a bush with an attitude”
“a bush with a chip on its shoulder”

Date: March 27, 1997
Location: Casa de la Madre Tierra
Time of day picked: 1:15 p.m.
How long in water: approx.: 2 hours
Moon sign: Scorpio
Astrological phenomena: 3 days after full moon in Libra and partial lunar eclipse
Other phenomena: Hale-Bopp comet
Outside Conditions: In full shade, some wind, 80-85 degrees, clear and sunny


1. Petal color, shape, how many: 6 petals with cup in middle, 4-5 flowers on every stem, buttercup yellow/sunshine yellow with 1 hair in middle with nodule on top

2. Inner color: same yellow inside and out

3. Stamens: 4-5 flowers on every stem

4. Fragrance: perfumed smell, like a very subtle jasmine

5. Stem: smooth, flexible, spring green, clusters of 4-5 flowers on each stem

6. Trunk: branches rough and brown, the further down, the rougher they are.

7. Leaf: In pairs of threes (at tip of branch), prickly spines, medium to dark green with one lighter green central vein and lighter edge underside slightly lighter.

8. Root: shallow but very far-reaching.


1. Your words shall not have barbs.
2. Words can wound more than blows.

Primary chakra: Throat Chakra–throat chakra– (prickly feeling in throat, had to cough).
Secondary chakra: HC–heart chakra

Patterns of imbalance it can address:
Those who speak too sharply without thinking of how their words can wound others – correlation of rose quartz
those who are undiplomatic.

After drinking water: Those who speak insincerely, insincere flattery.

Symbols: Bird sounds, many other sounds around me.

When journeying, message came quickly and then shut off – like “you’ve heard enough.”

Positive healing patterns: To make people weigh and soften their words so they will not hurt others through carelessness. To make those uncaring and gruff more kind.


After drinking mother essence water

1. Taste: tasted sweet, like candied violets or candied rose petals.

2. Taste in mouth: remained for a long time after drinking.

3. Affected me: Sensations: none

4. Color to water: yellowish tinge, but that was possibly reflection of color of blossoms.
4b: Odor to water: perfumed, jasmine-like fragrance.

6. Word image “honeyed words.”

MF, PROVER (male)

Name: Holly Grape
Latin Name: Berberis Haematocarpa
Date : 3/27/1997
Location: Nauman Ranch

Time of Day Picked: 1:00 P M
How long in water: 2 hours
Moon phase / sign / degree:
Astrological Phenomena: Hale-Bopp Comet– 4 days after Lunar Eclipse 3 degrees Libra.

Other Phenomena: Blue Jay made an announcement, Flies around us, Bees flying around, could hear the creek, Cinnamon (horse was around). I seemed to be unusually aware of everything around me.

Weather Conditions/Temperature: 80 degrees, warm breeze.

Flower Description:

1. Petal Colors, Shape, How Many: 6, yellow, small flowers.

2. Inner Color to Petals: light yellow to dark yellow on tips of petals.

3.a. Stamens (how many, color, shape, size): 3 green tear shaped.

3.b. Pistil: 1 large in center.

3.c. Sepal: 6 in center.

4. Fragrance: very sweet, yummy smell like sweet breads.

5. Stem Description: Straight with multiple stems (4 or 5) ending in a bloom for each.

6. Leaf Description: Typical Holly type of construction, sharp points on ends.

7. Root: NA

Flower Attunement:

Roots – struggle impression – very determined.
Stem – (trunk) – protection Iron willed.
Leaves – Protection – one way energy flow.
Stem – (to flower) – Soft hands – nurturing.
Flower – feel like singing, very soft smooth, happy.

Primary Chakra: Throat Chakra–throat chakra (1), SPC–solar plexus chakra (2).

Secondary Chakra: SPC warmth.

Patterns of Imbalance: Protection of child like innocence – inquisitive child like happiness. (felt jovial).

Symbols: Parents protecting innocence, False front – like a Trojan Horse, ridged outer – soft warm center, masculine overall energy, counter clock wise movement.

Positive Healing Patterns: Lack of talking – open up the vocal, allow innocence to return – allow you to see the real meaning of things or to “see” through the eyes of a child. Help depression, Put a smile on your face. Break through a harsh exterior to let the gentle part out.

Essence Water Description

Tasted Like: Sweet grass.

Any taste in mouth or Throat: Slight chalk still sweet but slightly so.

Affected me physically ? Where? Sensations: Back of tongue slight swelling – upper chest lower throat, sensed a warmth or energy flow. Tightness behind ears – Back of neck stiff (on sides) – slightly uneasy – apprehension – keep wanting to look behind me – maybe the wind contributed to this. Felt like I wanted to get ready for a fight – ( wanted to draw my arms in like a fighter and make a fist). Very one way view – not comfortable at all. Tongue seemed thicker. Slight headache above and behind ears. Jaws seem to be getting tight, knot in bottom of stomach. Back of neck at base of skull very tight.

Color to water: clear

Odor to water: Green sweet smell

Dreams the night after drinking the flower essence: N/A

Other: Seems to be the reverse of the Bartlett Pear essence.

EN, Prover (female)

Holly grape at La Casa de Madre

Areas affected: Physical and emotional. Spinning counter-clockwise experienced. Male energy.

Other: Grumpy, irritable and I didn’t like or want to hear any sounds around me.

Odor: sweet and delicate.

Taste: Slightly astringent.

After I took the essence:

1. slight tingle right side of throat.
2. Dryness in mouth/throat. Tongue stuck to roof of my mouth.
3. Spinning, counter-clockwise from root chakra. Strong 3.
4. Felt emotionally like, “What’s the use?”
5. Headache pressure on left side of head/parietal.
6. Pulsations up the spine–very pleasant to experience.
7. Gail’s rustling of papers is bothering me greatly–irritability.
8. Stiffness back of neck and base of skull region. Tightness.
9. I want quiet. I want no disturbances. Even chicken’s clucking around us is bothering me and that usually, never does.
10. Heart palpitations. Heart “thuds” in my chest once.
11. Just want to be left alone type of feeling is very strong in me.
12. Don’t want to be around other people.
13. Good for root chakra repair. Family issues.
14. Hoarding my emotions like a miser would–don’t want to share my feelings with anyone.

OTHER: This would be good for Saturn types or Aquarians or Sulphurs.

RM, Prover (female)

I felt like the bush was pushing me away from it. I didn’t want to do this proving. The bush wasn’t friendly. When I sat down I had to focus. I saws spears and violence. The leaf tips are red and I felt this bush could draw blood from others. I felt it would help people who have blood vessel problems, possibly poor circulation.

Chakras involved: Solar Plexus chakra and Brow Chakra.

“Barbed words” come to mind.

I couldn’t get comfortable with the bush during the proving. It didn’t want my company. It wanted no one and nothing.

There was clarity of mind to a degree.

It’s responses to me were frugal.

“I can protect myself” is what it told.

Physically: frontal headache, left to mastoid process of left ear.

Emotionally: Stingy with emotions. Stoic. Self-sufficient.

Mentally: helps to focus on someone who is too easily distracted.

Patterns of imbalance it could address: Autism. Narcissism. A ‘fortress’ type person. Stone-faced people. Hyper vigilance types.