Gemstones and Their Astrological Assignment

by Eileen Nauman
Copyright 1993-2011. All Rights Reserved

HEART STONES: These stones can help you with problems of an emotional nature such as grief, broken love affairs, divorce, being insensitive (or closed up) or wanting more sensitivity in general. Abalone (Moon), Bloodstone (Jupiter), Garnet, red (Mars), Kunzite, pink (Neptune), Moonstone (Moon), Morganite (Venus), Pearl (Moon), Rose Quartz (Venus), Rhodochrosite (Venus), Rhodonite (Saturn), Rhyolite (Venus), Opal (Moon), Tourmaline, pink (Uranus), and Unakite (Venus).

GROUNDING STONES: These gems help calm the frantic mind, the “squirrel’s cage” syndrome, brings the ‘space cadet’ back to earth and lends practicality and organization to the above. It instills discipline. A MUST stone for a healer (wear in right pocket because it grounds the energies through you to the person you’re working with). Amber (Saturn, Boji stone (Pluto), Coral (Moon), Flint (Saturn), Hematite (Mars), Ivory of any type (Saturn), Jet (Saturn), Petrified Wood (Saturn), Pyrite (Mars), Smoky Quartz (Saturn) and Sunstone (Sun).

GUARD DOG STONES: Those who work in any environment where negativity (police/firefighters), tension (ambulance/teachers), and/or grief (hospitals) is present, or anyone who is bludgeoned with anger, should wear this stone to protect themselves from these thought forms. Also excellent in high-stress jobs. Agates (all types/varieties–Botswana, Brazilian, Mexican Lace, Etc.–Jupiter), Amber (Saturn), Amethyst (Neptune), Carnelian (Mars), Jasper (all varieties/colors–Saturn), Jet (Saturn), Malachite (Saturn), Obsidian (Apache Tears or Snowflake–Pluto), Sard (Saturn), Sardonyx (Saturn), Serpentine (Jupiter), Tourmaline, black (Uranus), and Turquoise (Jupiter).

HIGH ENERGY STONES: These are for people who are feeling tired, draggy and in general, “blah.” Bloodstone (Jupiter), Carnelian (Mars), Garnet, red (Mars), Jasper, red (Saturn), and Ruby (Mars).

TRAUMA STONES: These special stones help people who are going through a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual trauma. These stones absorb and transmit the energy. Boji stones (Pluto), Morganite (Venus), Obsidian (Apache tears/snowflake–Pluto), Rhodochrosite (Venus), Rhodonite (Saturn), and tourmaline, black, bi-color and tri-color (Uranus).

MENTAL STONES: For those who have demanding mental tasks. The left brain gets overworked and will overload. These stones help transmute and ease the stress on the brain. Students in school/college will find these stones invaluable. Citrine (Mercury), Fluorite (Uranus), Herkimer Diamond (Neptune), Sapphire, any color (Neptune), Rutilated Quartz (Mercury/Uranus), and Topaz, gold (Uranus).

LUCK STONES: To draw luck in your favor, or to give you something that you value, wear the stone in your left pocket. Green Aventurine (Jupiter), Pyrite (Mars) and Tiger’s Eye (Sun).

MONEY STONES: These stones will help to draw money to you. Wear on your left side/pocket. Green Aventurine (Jupiter), and Tiger’s Eye (Sun).

PSYCHIC STONES: For those who want to improve upon their natural psychic talents, these stones make it easier. Place stone over a particular chakra to activate it. To see clairvoyantly, place on brow chakra. To feel and be sensitive, place over heart chakra. To become clairaudiant, place over throat chakra. To get rid of old, unwanted emotions and negative thought forms, place over the solar plexus chakra. Alexanderite (Neptune), Amethyst (Neptune), Aquamarine (Moon), Azurite (Venus), Bone, fossilized (Saturn), Chrysoprase (Saturn), Diamond (Sun), Emerald (Jupiter), Fluorite (Uranus), Herkimer Diamond (Neptune),Kunzite, lavender (Neptune), Kyanite (Neptune), Lapis Lazuli (Neptune), Meteorite (Uranus), Moldavite (Uranus), Moonstone (Moon), Rutilated Quartz (Mercury/Uranus), Sapphire, any color (Neptune), Selenite (Moon), Sodalite (Neptune), Sugilite (Neptune), and Tourmaline, any color other than black (Uranus).

ARTHRITIS STONES: Because of their copper-bearing nature, Azurite and Malachite may help combat an arthritis condition. Never ingest charged water from these two stones, as they are poisonous! Wear stone in your left pocket. Amazonite (Saturn), Boji stone (Pluto), Fluorite (Uranus), Rutilated Quartz (Mercury/Uranus), and Turquoise (Jupiter).

MASTER HEALER STONES: Some stones have greater healing abilities and a broader scope of help. Boji stones (Pluto), Emerald (Jupiter), Flint (Saturn), Lodestones (Pluto), Opal, all colors/varieties (Moon), Peridot (Sun), Quartz Crystal (Uranus), Ruby (Mars), Turquoise (Jupiter), and Tourmaline, all colors (Uranus).

STRENGTH STONES: These stones lend endurance and strength to any situation or crisis you are facing. Boji Stones (Pluto), Garnet, red (Mars), Jade, any color (Saturn), Obsidian (Apache Tears/Snowflake–Uranus), Ruby (Mars), Topaz (Uranus), and Tourmaline, any color, particularly black (Uranus).

CREATIVITY STONES: For those who want to stimulate your imagination or creativity in your right hemisphere of your brain, use these stones. Alexanderite (Neptune), Amethyst (Neptune), Citrine (Mercury/Uranus), Emerald (Jupiter), Fluorite (Uranus), Herkimer Diamond (Neptune), Selenite (Moon), Sugilite (Neptune), Topaz, gold (Uranus), and Unakite (Venus).

GENIUS STONES: These stones are used to draw out your special talent or ability. Fluorite (Uranus), Lapis Lazuli (Neptune), or Sodalite (Neptune).

STUDY STONES: To help someone study and retain what they’ve learned, these stones are very helpful. Particularly good for school/college students. Citrine (Mercury), Fluorite (Uranus), or Rutilated Quartz (Mercury/Uranus).


  1. Use the stone ruled by the transiting planet to natal planet. Example: Transiting Saturn conjuncting your natal Sun, find a Saturn ruled stone and drink the charged water daily–8 ounces, or carry on your person for the time of the transit, applying as well as 2 degrees separating.
  2. Use the stone ruled by the progressed planet to the natal planet. Example: Progressed Mars square your natal Moon, find a Mars ruled stone and drink the charged water daily–8 ounces, or carry on your person applying as well as 2 degrees separating.